Aw, blow it out your snotbox

We had a family poker party (though I played Perquackey instead) this weekend for Great Grandpa’s 100th birthday. Of course he’s been gone five years but we met in his memory. My poor aunt ordered a Happy 100th Birthday, Grandpa cake and everyone at the grocery store kept asking her how he was doing! She said it was really awkward but it was pretty funny to us. The post title is something he used to say when another driver honked at him.

I neglected to take any pictures until right before I left. Maddux is staying with Lucy while the kitchen at his house is being remodeled.

Last week we got together with KNH’s family for a comparison of two turkey substitutes. Here we have a Celebration Roast (lower left side of plate), a Quorn Turk’y Roast (center), and our yummy side dishes. The Celebration Roast is more of a hearty grain-based meal that isn’t supposed to approximate meat taste specifically but still have good texture and flavor, while the Quorn version was very meatlike but dry. We decided gravy would have been a good addition but it was a school night and we just didn’t have much time to cook. We did manage to drink a lot of wine, however.

And we had PIE! The whipped topping being the most important part.

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