I own two cars. One is very fuel efficient and I use it all the time. It’s about 3.5 years old. The dash looks like this.

My other car is a ten-year-old SUV. I bought it used when I adopted Casper so I’d have room to haul her around (and the bunnies). Later when I had a long commute I got a second vehicle with good mileage and the Jeep is just used to haul stuff (like hay!). The dash looks like this.

Yes, that’s right, as of this week BOTH of my cars have check engine lights blazing. The newer car has a glow plug (or several) out but due to some ridiculousness on the part of the manufacturer, the repair would be upwards of $400-700 at the dealer. I found someone who can fix it for much cheaper this weekend, but the manufacturer issue is so new that most independent places are unable to help. At least it can be driven in the meantime–until it doesn’t start one of these days.

The Jeep is in limp mode and just doesn’t shift well. It can’t be driven except to take it to the mechanic. The output speed sensor is supposedly the culprit, which isn’t supposed to be a difficult repair, but our local guy isn’t sure he can fix it so I may have to find a transmission guy, and the nearest recommended one is a half hour away. I should know more tomorrow. Oh, and the Jeep doesn’t want to start very well either but if you disconnect (i.e., replace) the battery while this particular transmission code is active you cause all sorts of extra problems.

Meanwhile David’s truck suddenly went lame and our three-cars-for-two-people plan wasn’t working so well. I didn’t really want to ride my bike to work since the temperatures have been in the 20s. So far so good on having a car working, and David’s truck was fixed today. I hope I don’t go broke fixing the rest of the stable.

On the plus side I have a couple of days off and I took a great nap today. That makes everything better, even if I’m stranded at home!

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