I can see the outdoors!

I have been a trailer denizen for the last three years. Yes, even Fortune 500 companies make their employees work in trailers sometimes. The lease is up and they decided to drive away all the doublewides, so I’ve been relocated to a recently remodeled office area that has WINDOWS. Not like the window in my trailer cubicle which looked into the window of the cubicle in the doublewide right next to mine, but one where I can see SNOW today. Most of the window in my cube is blocked by the cube wall itself (great space planning, folks), but overall it’s a lovely place to while away my career and watch my 401k erode. Unfortunately this office and lab is scheduled to move to another building next year and I’ll probably move with them, and I probably won’t have such a tantalizing window then. But for two months I shall savor my awesome office!

Of course now my office’s regular bathroom is that one everyone in the building uses to take a crap.

The fabric walls here are a lovely stain-hiding gray pattern, much better than the brownish yellow trailer walls even Dwight Schrute wouldn’t have bought a shirt in. The real walls here are a calming sage green and there is a cold air return shshshshshshshshing away nearby to white-noise my neighbors. My drawers lock with eight copies of my keys. The desk actually fits me–who wants my massaging seesaw footrest thingy?

In the process of moving people out of five doublewides, a lot of office-y mess is left behind. My heart broke to see all the binders and inboxes in the trash bins after we left, so I found a cart and salvaged a couple loads of perfectly useful office supplies and put them in the–you guessed it–supply area! I also took home eight copy boxes of decorations and a six foot Christmas tree which was going to be trashed. I will Freecycle them and let the office decorations live on, spared from the landfill for now.

One glitch since moving: I can’t find my pens.

2 thoughts on “I can see the outdoors!

  1. You should leave behind little calling cards that read, “You’ve been freecycled!” You could even host a TV show like Punked or Pimp My Ride. You’ll drive around in a bio-diesel fueled car and wear a cape made from re-purposed t-shirts, teaching people how to eschew their wasteful lifestyles. 😉

  2. What a delightful blog to stumble upon in my wanderings accross the Internets. I would join you in the obsession over correct grammar and punctuation, as I was a reader for the English proofessor all through college and it left quite an impression on me, and the overwhelming urge to attack public signs with my ever-present mental red pen! Problem is my own grammar sucks horribly on most days, usually for no other reason than being to darn lazy to correct whatever slaughtering I’m doing to the English language. Nevertheless, I enjoy your blog, and the animals and vegetarianism are a bonus too!!! Keep up the good work.

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