All hail 2009

Welcome to the new year and a snotty nose. I have been sick for nearly a week. Fortunately I didn’t have to go to work during this time, but it’s not like I got to enjoy many of the days off–plus work kept calling and paging me anyway. I did see a lot of crappy TV when I wasn’t knocked out with Nyquil (who knew Tori Spelling had a reality show, or that there was a lobster-catching show as well as the crab-catching show?), and today my aches had declined sufficiently to leave the house for a veggie burger at Denny’s. I thought I was on the mend a couple of days ago and met Nicole at the gym and then for a nice dinner, but whoops, I wasn’t so well. Even David got part of the sickness.

My exciting purchase this week is a new office chair, which I’m not sitting in because we’ve been too ill to carry it downstairs. I’m excited about it because it met all my ergonomic requirements (I don’t take that stuff for granted anymore… I guess I’m old) AND it’s 60% recycled AND it’s not leather! Awesome. AND I had an awesome coupon! I even paid eight bucks to have them assemble it for me because I just didn’t feel like doing it. I must have arrived at wealthy status, because the old Amy would never have paid someone to do what she can do herself. Now if it were twenty bucks that would have been different.

Right after I spent too much on a chair, our microwave died. I no longer find the microwave to be super essential (meaning buy it the same day it dies) but it’s still pretty essential (within a couple of weeks). David has hated my microwave from the start, he being a person who probably wouldn’t have one if I hadn’t brought it with me, but we agree it’s nice to have. The discussions now are where it will go–in the wall? Over the stove? We have to know these things so we know what microwave to buy. But I’m just pissed that my microwave died after only two 3.5 years (yes, I looked it up…time sure flies). I thought I bought a fancy 1200-Watt unit so it would last (maybe not as long as the twenty years the previous one lasted, but still), and here we are having to decide about an appliance together. Are we ready for this kind of commitment, people!?

Guess who’s 30 today?
matt83 matt88 matt89
My baby brother!

3 thoughts on “All hail 2009

  1. Def get an under the counter one, they cost more, but you’ll be so happy with the extra counterspace that you’ll get.

    I thought about you when I was home in LA and all of the typos on signs! Sad!

  2. My friend who’s already 30 warned me that the morning of my 30th birthday I would wake up and every strand of my hair would flutter from my head like so many snowflakes as soon as I looked in the mirror. But it’s cool because I just won’t look in the mirror anymore. It’s been about two days so far and I’m sure I look really gross without essential personal hygiene, but at least I have all my hair.

    Getting old stinks. Now I have a crummy metabolism, bills and a house that seems to constantly need mechanical attention that I can’t quite satisfy. On the plus side, I have a working microwave. But I don’t still have that Cherrios shirt. That makes me sad.

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