Seitan done right

I got this awesome deal through that gave me $70 worth of restaurant gift cards for about $3.50. The place we tried to go with a gift certificate was closed today, so Plan B was to try Sesame Chinese restaurant. I had read on a local blog or comments or something that they had good veggie options, and since Chinese food has been boring since I went veg (it’s often hard to talk to servers about what’s actually in the dishes, so I mostly get fried rice), I was looking forward to trying this place.

It looked like a hole in the wall and not any more special than a Chinese joint on our side of town. The menu didn’t seem very different either. But since I knew to ask about other options from the reviews I’d seen online, I ended up with broccoli & beef made with seitan instead and it was great!! Our only experience with seitan at home was a disaster, but this had great texture, was cut to be the same as the beef you might get in the normal dish, and tasted just like the Chinese food I had been missing the past couple of years. Not only that, but the vegetable roll and pot stickers were the best I’d ever had, and the service was great. David had a spicy garlic eggplant dish which was also very good, but still was squishy enough (the curse of eggplant) that I was glad I chose something else.


I scanned their takeout menu for y’all. Any of the beef dishes can be made vegetarian like I had it! There’s also a nice selection of other veggie dishes (plus all the normal stuff you omnis want). Check out Sesame at 86th & Ditch in Indy.
Sesame Chinese restaurant menu

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  1. Sorry, the deal was for another place, but since they were closed, we just went to Sesame since we were nearby. It was still only $20 there… you’re right, I didn’t find them on I still haven’t been to Adobo!

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