Stress response: chewy

I’ve had my mouth guard for a little over a year. I’m supposed to sleep in it every night and probably only remember/bother about ten percent of the time. Well, I ate through it already. Check out the cracks all along the molars. I had to get a new set of impressions today to have another one made. The last one was $400…
Told you I needed new teeth for a reason. Plus now I risk cracking the porcelain on all my expensive fake teeth, hence the pricey guard with softer plastic on the inside and hard on the outside. Not hard enough, apparently.

Meanwhile the assistant at the dentist’s office today seemed pretty new. She commented how awful it is to have impressions made. Are you kidding me? Do you know what I’ve had done to my teeth so far? At this point I think root canals are a piece of cake, and impressions are way easier and more comfortable than a routine cleaning. She had to do the upper and lower twice because she messed them up, which I predicted when I felt the trays in the wrong place. Can’t say much with a mouthful of goop though. I’m not sure the end result was correct but we’ll see after the lab tries to make the guard.

Before my appointment I traveled several miles out of my way to go to the post office that serves my old house. I had a postage due note for a mystery letter from Carmel. After driving to BFE, I discovered it was from a realtor trying to woo me away as my home listing had expired. I refused it and you can bet I’ll let them know how I feel about being inconvenienced and asked to PAY for their solicitation.

Walt gets close in the office chair again.


2 thoughts on “Stress response: chewy

  1. Amy – I got one of those stupid mouth guards a couple years ago too! You got a deal – mine cost $590, but at least it’s still in decent shape – surprising since I actually do put it in almost every night. Maybe I DON’T actually grind my teeth at night, crazy dentist just wanted my money is my theory.

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