Go pee at home

I joined Facebook a month ago and have unearthed over 100 people I know, most of whom I haven’t seen in forever. I never realized I knew so many people. It’s been fun to catch up with old camp and boarding school friends. A few friend requests, however, have come to my inbox with me wondering who the people are. I generally figure it out but this one stumped me, so I asked my brother. I didn’t recognize her picture but she had a similar first name to a friend I did have in our neighborhood and would like to chat with again. Many last names have changed with marriage so I have to think hard about these folks sometimes. Note: I changed the friend names for this entry.

Email from Facebook:
Sally Martin added you as a friend on Facebook. We need to confirm that you know Sally in order for you to be friends on Facebook.

Sally says, “Hi Amy, I used to live in Bercliff. My parents still do. I used to ride bikes with your little brother Matt, and i went to Adams.”.

Amy emails Matt:
Do you know who this is? I don’t think it’s Ms. Barton…

Matt replies:
Yeah, it’s Sally Crump. They lived on Wildemere and had the dog with the ridiculously “original” name Blackie. She sent me a friend request as well. I didn’t approve it because I don’t like approving people I don’t really know and/or don’t want to know any better.

I have a list of friend requests out the wazoo that I don’t approve because they were people that I went to high school with, but never spoke to, etc.

Besides, Sally Crump and her younger sister used to knock on our door twice a week to ask me to go bike riding, but I thought they were creepy so I always made an excuse. Then one day they started asking to use our bathroom after I turned them down for a bike ride (presumably to get a look inside our house. I mean, seriously, their house was only 2 blocks away.) That made Dad really mad and after about the third bathroom excursion he told me to tell them to… and I quote.. “Go pee at home.”

Anyway, I have no interest in being “friends” (Facebook or otherwise) with people I don’t intend to fraternize with. To me it’s just another version of “peeing in my house” for Sally Crump because I’m probably not going to talk to her on Facebook, but she’ll be able to see everything I write and look at pictures of me and stuff. She can “pee” on her other Facebook friends, but not me! 🙂

Heck, you’re lucky I approved you as a friend on Facebook!


2 thoughts on “Go pee at home

  1. So funny 😉 It’s amazing how many girls from high school who wouldn’t have given me the time of day are now wanting to be my friend on facebook. Apparently the goal is quantity vs. quality.

    P.S. I have been thinking I should set up an HRS facebook group though…

  2. Whew! You Deitchleys are a tough bunch! 🙂 All the neighbourhood kids were afraid of my dad; I took great pleasure in their reluctance to come to my house. Mwaahaahaa!

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