Yesterday I stopped my car at a four-way stop and it died. And it wouldn’t restart. Eventually a guy in a pickup failed at jumping it, so he and some other dudes pushed it into a McDonald’s parking lot where I salivated over McNugget smells and waited for my knight in a big red truck to save me.

Except while he was able to successfully get my car started, soon he was doing this to his own steed.

While I waited I read this helpful note in his door jamb. You know, in case we were going to put any patients in the bed on the way home.

So that evening was shot, but at least vehicle #3 worked and we used it to get a new battery for my first car and a pizza. And then fought over who got to drive it to work today.

This morning Harry ate his stick while sitting on my Coroplast baseboard protector. Now I know how all the toys and hay and twigs are getting back there.

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