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I struggle constantly with The List running through my head: all the crap I should do. I keep written lists sometimes and then got excited when Google came up with a notes-tracking application, except my stupid work computer has an old browser which I cannot upgrade and therefore I can’t use that application except at home (nor see much flash, nor load a lot of pages, nor get the computer going in less than six minutes–but that’s more a RAM problem I think).

So I signed up for Evernote, but so far haven’t really done much with it. I would rather have a quick link from my Gmail. Is there some other application that would be better? Actually I think once I (probably) get that iPhone I’ll solve my always-available-paperless-to-do-list problem quickly, perhaps then with Evernote.

Anyway my ambitious self thinks I should do all this crap. And in the late afternoon when I want to leave work but have more work to do, I keep thinking how much stuff I’ll do when I get home. By the time I get home I’m just tired and cranky and downright lazy. I need to figure out what legal drug could get me zippy and productive in the evening but still allow me to sleep! Or something. I will say melatonin before bed has been helpful to regulate my sleep more. I get sleepy faster and it’s a whole lot easier to get out of bed in the morning–maybe that’s the miracle that will ultimately get more things off my List!

A sampling so I can feel accountable:

bond Arliss and Waldo somebody (Waldo was adopted!)
finish reorganizing and cleaning bunny room
clean pig cage
scrape brick David did it!
change Jetta headlight AGAIN
clean car
get grids, get and plant hostas from Dawn
paint front porch trim
repot mint plants
medicate Vegas (re-vet Vegas’ sneeze? and Harrison’s limp? pigs need vetting too)
more dog walking, cycling, and running
meal planning
more cooking/less eating out
pick up rain barrel at KIB
call cable company to yell about the latest price hike
iPhone purchase
TV shopping
path forward: Tivo vs DVR/other source
refill Casper’s meds
update Casper’s microchip
rehab front porch mess
iTunes from old computer
finish video edit
desk cleanoff
laundry room reorg
de-fridge the basement
continue decluttering at home
ditch financial adviser/meet w/new one
mail passport renewal
respond to old email
send Father’s Day gift to Dad
organize recipes (still looking for advice on that) I just went with a binder with tabs for now. My elegant electronic version will have to wait
go through clothes for Goodwill
dust/vacuum hooray for paying a friend to clean!

I noticed a couple of these were still there from the list I made last year

There’s an equally long list at work, one which stresses me even more.

Earthlink update! Remember how my email stopped working in December and they were able to hang up on me but not fix the problem? This week I got an overdue bill and they threatened collections! LOL. No worries, all resolved now. And I’m happy to report they never actually got a dime from me. I hope I wasted their server space and CSR time. Navigating their phone tree was enough to make me furious all over again.

7 thoughts on “The list

  1. My thoughts exactly. So much to do. It’s hard to know how much should get done, when to do what, and when to legitimately say I’M TIRED and take a break.

    Some things ought not be listed since they just need to be done again and again. Cleaning pigs: Tuesdays & Saturday. Cleaning bunnies: Thursdays & Mondays.
    Not saying it goes like that. 🙂

  2. Mymsie–that looks cool! I wonder if I would keep logging in. Maybe I need to treat this more like a regular blog I read or something.

    TMC–I like some easily accomplished recurring items on my list now and then so I can enjoy crossing them off. The cleaning/reorg is a deeper version than normal litterbox changes and I’ve gotten a lot of it done at least. The pigs, well, their cage cleaning isn’t on a schedule (cage is so big it’s easy to go for weeks w/o changing, just adding litter) so I have to force myself to remember to attend to it more regularly. Bunny boxes force themselves before trash day so those get done no matter what.

    Vegas did NOT tolerate the meds so I guess that’s off the list unless I want to blow her GI and rush her to the vet!

    And I cooked instead of picking up a pizza the other night, but I don’t feel I can take that off the list. It’s a nudging constant reminder for awhile?

  3. Wow, that is *some* list. I can definitely relate to feeling so overwhelmed at times (home + work) that being comatose at night seems to be the only coping mechanism. Good luck on finding a good to-do list!

  4. Oooh! I love lists. I have several clipboards around the house that I modpodged with pics I like from magazines.

    I recommend organizing the recipes in groups of Love These, Comfort Food, Great for Parties, Miscellaneous. Did I miss anything??

  5. A friend on Facebook responded with: Too Many Ingredients to Ever Make; Too Many Steps to Ever Make; Too Many Culinary Terms I don’t Know to Ever Make; Too Much “Cream of Mushroom Soup” to Ever Make; and Take Out Menus

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