A tomato ate my sister

My work email is at 180%, I have two extra days of work to cram in this week since I dared take vacation, my arm hurts from being on the computer too much, and my neighbor mowed our lawn because I’m too lame to make time for it. I struggle with being in a funk half the time and the other half avidly planning Big Things like catching up on life, as neatly described in lists (the bits and pieces must be captured on paper so I can free my mind to remember other things). All of the errand-doing makes me feel in control and when those things are done and the house is clean, I’m unstoppably happy. It just doesn’t happen very often.

A friend of mine quit her job today. She saved and made a plan (things I am reasonably good at) and just quit to pursue something better on her own. I am risk averse and actually I like my job (mostly), so I don’t see quitting in my near future. But what if I could make a living out of something I really liked? What if I weren’t stressed from work most nights, lugging my laptop home to write my Performance Management since I’m being Performance Managed tomorrow morning by a person I see in meetings now and then who judges my Performance on many items, not the least of which includes my ability to balance work and life and taking care of my ergonomic injury, both of which I’ve just admitted I am unable to do well at all? Meanwhile I’ve felt too busy to exercise in weeks and coupled with stress-eating, well, I’m unfit and cranky.

So let’s talk about happier things like vegetables. I planted some for the first time ever.

Pretty peppers. They are planted in a drawer box that never made it to drawerdom. I love how the bell peppers start out like a baby acorn and suddenly turn into an ungainly fruit. The mint achieved real pots, and note the famous hose reel. And David made me some cute little support sticks from leftover cherry.

David’s tomatoes match my height. He keeps singing about their Attack.

Zucchini takes over the world, obscuring some sad broccoli, neighbored by the coneflowers which made it back from last year’s flowers, basil, and parsley with mutant branches.

The coworker whose phone keeps playing TNT, it’s Dynamite is about to get slapped.

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