Casper goes to the symphony

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Casper and I walked down to the park for a free concert last night. She wasn’t so sure about the clapping or the kids who petted her, but she did well. As usual, the walk home was her favorite part. Casper is not a social butterfly–unless you count the dogs she sees on the way. She was reluctant to keep going on our way there until she saw another dog and followed him!



Check out a total WIN for vegetarian comfort food. I took my mom’s porcupine meatballs recipe (which appears to be xeroxed from Betty Crocker), subbed in Gimme Lean ground beef substitute, and came up with ‘meatballs’ even David thought were great. He even said these were preferred over the real ones–obviously duplicating a steak is difficult, but for meatballs that get all the flavor from seasonings and sauce, the fake stuff wins and you don’t have any of the fat/cholesterol of ground beef.

A couple of pics of my recent dining adventures. Well, I guess it’s not that adventurous once you’ve had the dishes multiple times.
Peruvian food: vibrantly colored pesto pasta and potatoes from Machu Picchu restaurant

I took this picture because the falafel looks like little turds.

The neighbor’s dog, again hanging out on OUR front porch.

And this is just weird. I think I saw this truck at the Woodruff Place sale. They sell lemonade or lemon shake-ups or something. Whoever drew this ought to be fired.

3 thoughts on “Casper goes to the symphony

  1. 🙂

    Casper is lucky & I’m impressed that he was ok w/ it. I took Kobie on a 5k dog walk for charity and he was ok w/ it even though other dogs were all up in his business.

    I’ll have to scope out my 70’s betty & see what she has in the way of meatballs that want to be veganized.

    Those are the most perfectly formed turdlike falafels I’ve ever seen!

  2. Hey Amy,
    I followed the link you left on my blog to your blog.
    Hoo-boy! I don’t know about being fanatical about grammar mistakes but I do frequently have to restrain myself from whipping out a red marker and correcting ‘the blatant abuse of the English language’ I come across. Being Canadian, I am also tempted to add ‘u’ to just about any word (colour, neighbour) I think should have one. Some don’t need one, but I can be whimsical.

    The blog you saw today started out at a cycling blog but it is starting to morph in other directions since Winnipeg does not have as big a cycling community as other places. There are lots of people on bikes, but I guess I find single themes somewhat retraining. Or else I am easily distracted.

    I’m glad you dropped by.

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