Janie and Frisco, sittin’ in a tree

Janie and Frisco are my guinea pigs. I had a few days off so I finally got them vetted for routine stuff–Janie for a spay and Frisco for ongoing skin problems.

I think Frisco’s skin issues are related to his Teddy breed, the frizzy look, which has cousins in the Texel breed and those are notorious for skin problems. Poor Frisco has on and off hair loss and crusty stuff in the upper rump area, and despite some attempted treatment when I adopted him it never really went away and has gotten worse. We don’t really have conclusive results about the cause yet, but at least we’re trying another usually-works treatment and hopefully it will improve. At least it doesn’t bother him and his pal Janie doesn’t have any of it (which is why it doesn’t seem like mites but who knows).


Janie is probably getting close to middle age and so many of my female pigs have had reproductive cysts and cancers (all of the pigs in the past several years!) that I just decided to have the spay done. She had no symptoms, but guess what: ovarian cysts! Glad I did it. Trivia: Janie also has an extra set of nipples. Amazingly, she was eating and moving around like normal by the time I got her home. I set up their cage with a divider so she could rest and when I got up this morning the little goofballs had moved it and were hanging out together, as you can see here. They had it undone again when I came home from work, proving they are smarter than their owner. Pigs in love!


In the frequent news of the weird that comes from going to an exotics vet, someone called to report they’d caught a coatimundi (which is apparently correctly called a coati) in their raccoon traps in the barn. I had to go look that up–it’s like a Central American raccoon. I’ve certainly heard of them but couldn’t really imagine the creature in my head at the time.

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