Off to the big city

I finally planned a Chicago trip and took a couple extra days around the long weekend to enjoy it with David. The old Amy never would have paid for a hotel in the Loop but the new financially mature Amy quoted her Dad (“Can’t put a price on a good time”–keep in mind he’s MUCH more of a miser) and got a room overlooking Grant Park.

We hit Chicago Diner, an all-veg place that wins lots of awards. Check out my (not)chicken-fried-(not)steak and David’s avocado quinoa nachos, plus the pot stickers. I get really excited when I have an entire menu of choices.
chidiner1 chidiner2

We didn’t have a chance to try out the other recommended veg place I was hoping to visit but I did have veggie BBQ at Taste of Chicago. Yay food on a stick! Maybe this year I’ll finally get to the state fair.

David played conductor at the Museum of Science and Industry. Some of it hadn’t been updated since I was a child and the rest seemed to be all noise and flashing lights for kids, the parking was $16, and the body slices weren’t there. Now I’m officially old and cranky. But we did enjoy the U-505 sub, which was put in the basement since the last time I saw it.
davidtrain u505

We did one of the architectural tours by boat (thanks for the idea, Mymsie) and enjoyed that despite annoying people behind us hitting on each other while we were trying to hear the guide. (Also: we’re old. But who pays thirty bucks and doesn’t listen to the tour?)

I really liked these frogfish at the Shedd Aquarium. All three had adapted to look like the structures near them. Yes, the black one is also a fish. I liked the orange guy because he looked like a plastic super hero.

We also hit Kingston Mines, the oldest blues club in the city, where we happened to wander in early during amateur time and therefore paid no cover!

I bought tickets to the museums online before we left and while TicketMaster fees always make me angry, it sure was nice not to stand in those long lines. Highly recommended.

Our neighbor helped with the dogs on one of the days, and after we got home she apparently told David she thought Walter could use some more exercise (I’m not denying that) and she volunteered to take him on her 0630 daily walks! The real trick here is that neither of us are up that early and I don’t suppose we should let her waltz on in while we’re in bed, even if she’s trusted with a key and the alarm code. But since I do get up close to that time (or should be up then anyway), perhaps we can do a trial where I’m up and send him off to school with her while I get ready. It’s just that guilt factor of someone else walking my dog that’s getting in the way…

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  1. A friend of mine saw the body slices and said they were incredible. Glad the boat tour was fun. I’m old enough that I probably would’ve shushed the flirters. Those kids and their rock-n-roll music! 😉

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