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Some recent items:

Congrats to my little brother (though he’s noted as a Clydesdale, and darn it if I’m not basically Athena weight!), Matt, on completing his first triathlon last weekend. It was in downtown Indy and so far there are no reports of anyone dying after swimming the canal.


Matt’s first triathlon 08.16.09 from Amy D on Vimeo.

Friends recently invited us to Symphony on the Prairie, where we heard Queen music in an outdoor picnic setting. Drunkenness ensued. Also the guy who sounded like Freddie Mercury threw in “I’m gonna sit by you, another one rides the bus!”

Had a bunny date at my house. Rabbits who happened to be named Bill and Hillary met, and Bill humped Hillary repeatedly. She looked annoyed and went home with Waldo instead.

I grew huge ass zucchini!

And my pepper is finally turning red!

Also note we now have cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and a wine rack! David’s work slowed to a backwards crawl but at least he had time to work on his own place.

I looked away or took a phone call or something while working, and Walter apparently brought me Thing 1 for a game of fetch.

Rode my bike to the state fair this weekend. I’ve never gone and wanted to get it out of my system. The prospect of fried food overrode the sadness at some of the animals (I managed to walk into the swine building while they were being auctioned). Of course the first building I wandered into had the rabbit judging going on. Poor buns.
There were a number of bizarre sights at the fair, including middle-aged white women belly dancing in a group (I got stuck watching this because it began pouring rain and this tree kept me dry):
An awesome mullet with balding and feathering at the same time:
Suckers with their feet in nasty brown muddy water getting ‘toxins’ removed (what a freakin’ racket):
Miss America seasoning (I almost bought it but it wasn’t worth eight bucks for a joke):
And a lady playing show tunes on an organ in the middle of Pepsi Coliseum while competing horse teams trotted around her:
It was all worth it for the funnel cake, mint ice cream, and onion rings.

Even though a draft horse farted on me.

4 thoughts on “swimbikerun, etc.

  1. Lean asked if I wanted to go to the fair with you guys but I told her I can’t for the same reasons you mentioned. I hate to see all the poor critters cooped up and being ogled. 🙁

    When I heard about that triathlon, I wondered about swimming in the canal. I dunno if I could handle that. In my mind the bottom of the canal is lined with dead bodies and slime. *shudder*

    I asked a friend if she wanted to go to that Queen thing but she didn’t. It looked so fun!

  2. Big props to your brother for swimming in the canal and not dying. On one hand, it seems cool to swim through downtown, but I’ve also seen how gross that water looks, so it’s definitely not for me.

    And woo-hoo, State Fair! I tried the deep-fried Twinkie this year and it was yum.

  3. Honestly, swimming the canal wasn’t as bad as I had been warned (by about 50 people, including the hotel clerk). It was gross looking into it from the sidewalk. But once I got in it wasn’t any worse than your average lake.

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