Tink the dinky bun

Last week a woman in Merrillville found a little domestic bunny hopping in her yard. She called the shelter, who put her in contact with a volunteer in our rescue, who brought the bunny some food and other supplies. After a little how-much-space-do-we-have recon, little bunny joined our foster care, and yesterday she came to live with me for a bit.


This has to be the tiniest bunny I’ve had in foster care, if you don’t count newborns. We thought she was a baby, but based on her hormonal behavior last night I think she might be half grown or even an adult. I’ve had a few litters grow up in my foster care and she just acts older than those guys.

I let Tink come out of her carrier yesterday to see Harrison in a pen; he’s our largest foster bunny at about 13 pounds. They meet…


And Tink scares away giant Harrison!

All will be good now for this little stray, but we had to turn down three other buns in the last two weeks. There are never enough foster or permanent homes.

4 thoughts on “Tink the dinky bun

  1. Someone had dumped a Havanna-like chocolate doe into someone’s garden in mid-July. I wonder if there’s a breeder who’s just letting their rejects go in the area.

    And poor Harrison! What a big chicken 🙂

  2. I can’t believe that my littlest is bigger than Tink!

    I’m so sad there aren’t enough foster homes. You know I’ll sign right up as soon as I have the means!

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