Bike search continues, badly

Let’s just say I’m a bit frustrated with the insurance experience (or lack thereof) to date. I am trying to be compensated for my bike, which was smushed by a car over three weeks ago. The frame is bent and cannot be repaired, and other components have been damaged as well. My last actual contact with the adjuster was over two weeks ago, and she hasn’t returned/acknowledged the four voice mails, two faxes, nor one email I’ve sent since then to check on the progress and to supply the necessary estimate/receipts. Last week I asked to speak to ANY adjuster at the insurance company and she was able to see that my adjuster had spoken with the driver, but other than that there was no activity since I talked to her (and no indication of receipt of the paperwork or messages I’ve left).

I just want to know the progress; the season for enjoying my bike will end soon and I would like to know how this process is going to work. Will I get a check? I want to just buy another damn bike, but I don’t know if payment must be made to a bike shop (and therefore I have to arrange for a refund of my money once that arrives, if the shop will do it) or if it even has to be purchased from the shop that did the estimate (I sure hope not; I don’t care for that shop but they did service my last brand of bike so I had to see them for the replacement cost info), and because of the uncertainty of this payment I can’t go to a distant shop nor order online or buy from Craigslist. Meanwhile I don’t know if the insurance company will salvage my bike, and if so, I need to remove several accessories that are not part of the original build/damage report to be transferred to a new bike.

Meanwhile I’ve searched locally, and come up almost empty. Cross bikes don’t sell well here, so the couple that are left are not my size and are last year’s model (can’t be ordered in other sizes), and new models aren’t expected to come in since they are hard to sell and old models must be cleared first. Even if the shop chooses to order more it could be several weeks. I rode two bikes (old model, wrong size) and have to decide what I can from that. Half the cross bikes don’t even come with rack mount options so that reduces choices from many major manufacturers (the ones most likely to be stocked in a local store). I’ve considered a custom build but that takes awhile, too, and gives me fewer options in frame appearance as well as that not-ridden-yet uncertainty.

I think I’ve decided on one of these:
2010 Specialized Tricross Comp

2010 Raleigh RX 1.0

The first one is quite a bit more expensive, apparently because the manufacturer bankrolls racing teams and has other marketing expenses. The second one is much more of a value, but has less ‘street cred,’ yet great components for the most part. I like the paint job on the second one better but there’s a rumor it’s sold out and I sure haven’t ridden it nor even anything else from that manufacturer. I did ride a modified version of the first bike at one shop (only because one of the employees had his own!) and liked it a lot, plus it’s the step up from the other model I really liked last year when I chose the Bianchi instead. If both bikes were side by side and rode the same, I’d get the Raleigh. But without riding one… wow, that’s a gamble.

Meanwhile I ordered a WalkyDog to take Walter with me on a bike ride. I pulled out the old mountain bike (lots of bunny fur in the chain since I stored it in the bunny room!) and now that I’ve gotten him used to his new harness, it’s time to try attaching him to the bike. He has picked up on ‘left’ (not ‘right’ yet so much) just while walking and with my stable old bike and a slow speed, I think we can give it a try. I think he’d love to go for a run and I just can’t walk long enough to tire him, so hopefully we won’t crash and regret the dog+bike attempt! Nicole and I (with Ainsley and Walter) checked out the new open portion of the Pennsy Trail last week and since it’s so straight, level, and sparsely used, it may be a good spot to try a dog with a bike.

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  1. Do you guys have an asphalt roof? I’m assuming that’s what you’re catching the water from and that you’re just using it for outdoor watering. Do you have problems with asphalt getting into the water and gunking up the works?

  2. Yeah, just for outdoor watering. It’s so new we haven’t determined if it will get gunked with roof stuff, but there are a few inches below the spigot which can catch it and it has to be put away/dumped out in the winter anyway, so I guess we’ll just clean it then.

    It filled all 50 gallons in the first rain several days ago.

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