Major Moves, major typo

Coming in as my second favorite typo so far, I give you: The I-70 ramp to RURAL Street. Ironically named since this street is in a gritty urban area, now I have a reason to pull off the road to take a picture and risk carjacking.

(Favorite typo: Village Panty)

Meanwhile David’s prototype coffee table bit the dust when he sat on it. All the items on the floor used to be on the table. Watching him land was hilarious. I should note that it was a prototype for size and shape, not construction quality.


A few of the smart asses from IASMH class of 1993 at their 16th reunion (because we were too lame to plan a 15th)

And I’ve been bonding Harrison and Vegas (seen here in before-and-after haircut pics)
harryvegas harryvegas2

Who wants to do the Tour de Cookie?? I need to get my bike replaced! COOKIES!

8 thoughts on “Major Moves, major typo

  1. I used to live on Primrose Path, but every time I turned onto the street I’d be annoyed that the sign said Primroes Path.

    And I’d totally be up for the Tour de Cookie if I weren’t trying to lose weight! I might just come to watch.

  2. PQ, you could totally come along and not eat, right? I think after a couple cookies I might be sweeted-out anyway. (Note I should not be eating them either!)

    Must get a new bike…

  3. The 4th of never. Stupid adjuster never returns my calls. Meanwhile I tried to just buy a new bike anyway and get reimbursed later and no one is selling cross bikes, let alone in my size, around here. I’m afraid to travel for one or order online etc in case the ins. company has to send a check to bike place directly, so I have to wait. Grrr

    Maybe it’ll be a holiday gift now.

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