No longer “On my own”

A couple years ago, something like one day after David and I had a discussion about me needing to reduce the number of foster rabbits in my house, he arrived saying he saw a stray bunny in my neighborhood and we needed to go catch it. Catch it we did that night in someone’s yard, and I let him name her. David called her Eponine for the tragic character in Les Mis, and so far I guess that’s the weirdest foster rabbit name we’ve had!

Eponine had been adopted once but returned for being a little feisty, and landed back at our house recently. I don’t think she liked me a whole lot, but she was a cool bunny and loved to come see what we were up to. Well, today she was adopted to be a friend to a big bun named Victor, who had also started out as a stray!


Long-time foster Arwen also found a home as a friend to a three-legged mini-Rex. There were at least eight single girls there looking for new homes, plus another five or so rabbits in the house, meaning most of the rescue was in the same place at one time. Thanks to Amanda for hosting!

Olive won for funniest hair.

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