Vacation days to enjoy fall colors

Some good things: apparently a check to replace my bike is on the way from the insurance company. Let’s hope it’s for the full amount.

Tink the little bun was adopted! It’s strange to be down to one foster and my two bunnies.

Bunny binkies in honor of the House Rabbit Society’s 20th anniversary!

David and I drove 200 miles on Monday to hike about six. The Hoosier National Forest in October is beautiful, and no one shot us! We wore bright colors and decided not to bring the pup for his safety. We did see a couple antlered bucks crossing the road.
You may be able to see a little orange-jacketed David leaning out just below the top. I didn’t have any problems climbing the tower, though I’ve been on more rickety ones in the past that triggered a temporary fear of heights. (I also recycled the beer cans I found at the bottom.)


We found the sticker funny (and ewww… you know what’s been going on in that tower)

Sycamore Trail at Charles C. Deam Wilderness

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