Consumer shitlist

Do not add me to your mailing list. Ever. Unless I ask to be on it. Just because I found your product online or bought something in your store doesn’t mean I want a relationship with you, future business with you, nor physical mail at my house. In fact, if I could order something to be shipped to my house without telling you where I live, I would.

OMG, great business opportunity: cloaking who orders stuff and where it goes! I can already get a single use instantly-generated number for my credit card to use online. What if they could cloak the rest of my identity during the purchase?

This problem afflicts my online donations to charity, too. Don’t make me a scrooge.

On the list so far recently:
Men’s Wearhouse (David had to rent a tux for a wedding. He doesn’t like you.)
DiscoveryStore (I bought someone a gift last year. I don’t like you either.)
Gardener’s Supply magazine (whattttt?? It’s defined by its online-only existence!)
Sephora (Funny how my online profile says I’m not on your catalog list but I still get one)
American Diabetes Association (hardest mailing list I ever tried to get off)
Gleaners Food Bank
Farm Sanctuary
Wheeler Mission
Bike Nashbar
Some home-grown mortgage company who just didn’t understand why we don’t want their personal newsletter after buying a house three years ago. I don’t care if you went to Florida for a week or if you have tips on how to make soup.

I call to opt out when I can, but someone keeps selling my name. There must be some law about easy opt-out from email lists, because every time I am added to one I can get off in one click. I can also control what I see through spam filters if necessary. But it is usually really hard to get off a catalog list, and when you do call, you still see them for months. Ask my permission to share my info, or offer me a discount on my purchase to sell my info to someone else.

It makes me want to opt out of consuming altogether. Not a terrible idea…

5 thoughts on “Consumer shitlist

  1. I was thinking of writing a blog post on the topic of consuming. There’s an AM/PM billboard on I465 east/south, near Pendleton Pike that says “Consume or be consumed.” I understand what they’re getting at (eat or you’ll be hungry) but I nevertheless find the slogan offensive or at the very least irritating.

  2. If you have Discover, you just do it from their website (or rather, bookmark to a link of theirs that lets you do it). I don’t know what other cards do this. I hadn’t used it until my Discover number was stolen after using a particular online retailer, and when I needed to purchase from them again, I used the single-use number!

  3. I didn’t know about the single use credit card thing either. Brilliant!

    With Christmas rapidly approaching, we get at least 20 catalogs a day. Grrrrrrrr. I found out our local grocery store sells our name/address and items purchased from their frequent buyer cards. I’ve stopped shopping there.

  4. Kris: I KNEW there was a reason I refused to sign up for those store discount cards. For one place I used a fake name and address (though now it disturbs me that there might be junk mail going there), and for another place I use my MIL’s card. I get to use her ‘points’ to get a fuel discount too!

    Oh and TMC: when I saw that billboard I thought of some insistence on humans being carnivores/top of the food chain, so it annoyed me too!

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