Oh noes, apioectomy

I thought all my dental woes were behind me now that I’ve had my restoration done for about two years. Well, a couple months ago something started feeling ‘funny,’ so I went to my regular dentist to see if there was anything of concern. Several radiographs later, she saw nothing there, but did observe that one or more crowns had gaps at the margins and she wanted to replace them. She’s doing this at her cost, since she feels they were never seated completely in the first place (and when you do 20 crowns at once I can see where something might not fit ideally), so for me it’s just more hours in the chair and some deja vu.

Of course my dentist has moved to a new practice in Westfield, which takes forever and a day to drive to, but after all the work she did, I figure I better follow her. She’s the expert in this stuff. By getting a new practice, she now has digital x-ray, and that’s why she was able to see this glitch in my crowns that we didn’t see on the old school film x-rays at the dental school practice.

So I spent three hours Saturday morning having two crowns sawed off and then had my tissues under them lasered for a nice long time. This was slightly more pleasant than the old-school equivalent electrodentistry (and smelled less like stir fry, too). The tissue-retracting astringent was still nasty tasting but was able to be applied by syringe this time so it wasn’t as bad as the cord method. In a couple weeks I get to go back for the new crowns.

Meanwhile, she referred me to the endodontist who did the root canal on the tooth that was bothering me, who says I need another root canal on it! This one will go through the gums and come in from the root end, an apioectomy. Greaaat, another chance at gum surgery! He has already agreed to give me happy drugs for my anxiety.

I asked what could cause that, since I already had a root canal and crown on that tooth. He said, “trauma from extensive dental work.” Geez. I hope I don’t need this on all the rest of my teeth… and he already sees a dark area on a nearby molar.

EDIT: Hey look, I found the blog post from when the first root canal happened. And this cool one with a picture that talks about trying to avoid the apioectomy on a different tooth!

EDIT 2: Forgot to mention that they suggested I might need a bone graft – from a cadaver!

8 thoughts on “Oh noes, apioectomy

  1. Good lawd! Your dental stories have caused me some intense anxiety about skipping the dentist for *COUGH* seven years. But I put on my big girl panties and finally went yesterday. Got fancy digital xrays of my head and everything. And you may now digitally slap me because I don’t have a single cavity. Seriously. I’m slapping myself because it doesn’t seem possible.

    Anyway, you deserve some special set of wings for all of your mouth trauma. I’ll see what I can do. 😉

  2. I’m having periodontic issues, but nothing like what you’ve got going on…I’m hoping you’re going to be done with this stuff after the current round of treatment.

  3. I hope I’m almost done too! Kinda thought I WAS done. I’m preparing for being away from my normal dentists/resources next year due to a big work thing so I’m trying to tie up loose ends right now. I guess I’d rather prevent bigger problems down the road (abscesses and cavities) by doing ‘minor’ fixes at this point (‘easy’ root canals and recrowning). Thank goodness for insurance.

  4. Reading this is making me nervous. I haven’t been to the dentist in a few years and I’ve been avoiding going. The gum right below one of my teeth has receded a lot. Of course I’ve already awfulized all the horrific possibilities. F-U-N!

  5. Yikes, wasn’t trying to scare anyone. FWIW my specific problem has been severe grinding and was identified almost 20 yrs ago. My mom has never had a cavity. I don’t think my dad has been to the dentist in decades. It’s just my special stress response! If anything, my escapades should be reassuring to others who will likely never go through a tenth of it. 🙂 I have found the blog is a great place to chronicle things I would otherwise forget.

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