Dec. 31 petition deadline for Indiana Pet Friendly license plate

Tired of all those In God We Trust plates? No specialty plate that appeals to your convictions? Join me in petitioning for an Indiana license plate that supports spay/neuter for low-income residents’ pets. Spay Neuter Services of Indiana (SNSI), a local organization which already does this great work, is applying for the license plate, which would support more of this subsidized-surgery-funding statewide. They need 500 signatures to be considered for the plate.


SNSI also sponsors low-cost spay/neuter a couple times per year without the income restrictions. We actually used one of their certificates to get Walter fixed a couple of years ago. They also sell the cool Peace Love Spay Neuter shirts.

You can click here to get the info and print a petition. They need actual, hand-signed signatures mailed to their P.O. box by December 31. The petition is presented to the BMV who decides if the plate will be issued. A spay-neuter plate has been attempted in the past unsuccessfully, if I remember correctly.

Note that signing the petition is a ‘pledge’ to purchase one of these plates at a $40 premium to the normal plate fee, $25 of which goes to the S/N surgery subsidies. (However, I don’t think anyone beats down your door to compel your purchase of the plate!) If you’ll be seeing me this week, I have a copy on me, so feel free to sign it and I’ll send it in for us.

4 thoughts on “Dec. 31 petition deadline for Indiana Pet Friendly license plate

  1. LOVE IT!!! If I lived in Indiana, I would totally sign this and get a plate. Spay/Neuter is so important — I would even like if the plate said Spay/Neuter your Pets on it instead of Pet Friendly.

    (Found you on PastaQueen).

  2. Alison, maybe they are being sneaky like the Choose Life plate with smiling kids’ faces which is a cover for anti-abortion groups. That’s not too controversial for Indiana, but we can’t get a spay/neuter plate passed… hence Pet Friendly? Even our Environment plate funds hunting groups, so I can’t support that one either.

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