Pack, purge, panic

Some random thoughts to prove I’m still alive.

I did indeed have cadaver bone put in during my osteomyelitis treatment! It was irradiated, powdered, and mixed with what is basically plaster of Paris, but it still sounds exotic. Unfortunately I’ve had some additional dental pain recently. You’d think I traumatized my teeth or something.

Arliss had her fourth surgery a week ago (vet and I agreed she didn’t need a CT scan after all) and she’s doing great! She even gained weight in the last two weeks.

Loving the Indy Winter Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. The place is PACKED and I love seeing cyclists with panniers riding in the snow! Note: the local chickens went on strike when it got super cold the last couple of weeks, so eggs were harder to come by. I like being able to get a half dozen a month since we don’t use more than that, and then I can take the carton back to the farmer to use again.

I discovered recently-reopened El Sol de Tala. This town has more Mexican (I use that as a geographic/ethnic term loosely) restaurants than you can imagine, but this one place stands out. They even have a veggie menu. It’s not the same old enchiladas anymore, people!

Following a craving, I had French toast at Denny’s, and even if they hadn’t ruined it with cinnamon and powdered sugar, it still was nowhere as good as Dad’s. He also blows away every pancake on earth.

I’ve finally heard from some of the relocation folks and the target start date in Ireland is March 1. There’s so much to do that it’s hard not just to plop on the couch with 81 SVU reruns on Tivo and ignore the obvious (that’s how many were scheduled in this two week period). One of my current focuses (okay, foci) is pantry raid: use up all the groceries that line our cupboards and freezer. In the past week we had breakfasty stuff to use up biscuits and fake sausages and last night I made chik’n and rice casserole. My freezer has several fake meat products that I’ve always kept as backup, but usually have been creative enough not to need for most cooking. I see a lot of chili in our future for the ground ‘beef’ crumbles…

5 thoughts on “Pack, purge, panic

  1. I couldn’t agree more about El Sol de Tala. LOVE IT.

    Try mixing your defrosted “crumbles” in a bowl with a smidge of oil and italian seasoning as “sausage” for an easy veggie pizza. The oil can help crisp up some of the edges of the crumble.

  2. I was wondering about Arliss – happy she’s doing better!

    Do you ever eat Indian food? Our local restaurant has the best vegetarian entrees I’ve ever tasted.

    Confession: I had to google “pannier” to find out what you were talking about. 🙂

    And I think I forgot to tell you – thank you a million times over for the sewing room hints! I would leap through the screen & hug you if I could.

  3. Glad to see El Sol has been reawakened. Thanks for reminding me I have to get back there after many moons away from it–and the Winter Farmers’ Market too!

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