Dead fish

Been very busy planning the move. My stuff ships out Tuesday, but I have another week or maybe a little more, depending on the employment permit arrival.

Anyway, I found this while cleaning up for a fun going away party:

My first pets and their method of dispatch:

I also found evidence of hours spent at our first home computer, an Apple IIGS, for a school report. I drew a diagram I saw in a textbook, I think around 5th or 6th grade:

And here we have Amy creating a Rudolph-pulling-Santa’s sleigh photo op. I don’t know if we DID anything once dressed like that or if I just made the outfits and had the picture taken, but there ya go.

4 thoughts on “Dead fish

  1. The fringed pants were obviously leftover from my Indian costume!

    We’re sorry you missed it too! But your toaster oven is on the porch if you want it. Also there may be some hay left once I leave, which you can have. I’ll let ya know

  2. I like how resource we were. You with your repurposed Native American pants and me with YOUR winter coat, my E.T. stocking cap and a toy box for a sleigh.

    What am I saying, this was probably all your idea. You probably got me to do all the work like you did when we played “airplane” and I cooked your food as the “plane chef” while you “flew the plane” and played games on the computer.

    I was a dumb kid.

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