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First, some housekeeping items:

I kept seeing red L signs in rear car windows. I thought it was supporting some team, maybe Leinster, but we are in Munster so it was odd to have so many L fans. Then I found these at the grocery store: Learner! I considered putting one in my window to warn everyone of my bad driving, but then I figured there are probably rules for Learners like having a “mentor” in the car and not driving after certain hours, so that might backfire. I’m not sure anyone would respond to my transgression, though, because I’ve never seen anyone pulled over (I have yet to see speeding or aggressive driving), and cops themselves are pretty far between. They aren’t even usually armed and yet crime is really low. The local radio stations report on murders nationwide and they don’t seem to happen every day. Heck, they report on deaths in car crashes nationwide and even those don’t happen every day. Ireland is the size of Indiana and seems to have a bit fewer people, but apparently having no guns *ahem* other than for hunting would be my guess as to the lack of violently-dead people. That is a much bigger topic than I have time to get into here.

Because: a grammar find! This is the second time I saw a corrected sign, which means there are others like me on this side of the pond. This one is awesome because someone corrected the Gaelic! It’s at a coordinated stoplight near Ballyfeard, I think, that controls who gets to use the one lane of traffic while the other lane is under construction. Note the inserted letter and Gaelige!!! admonishing the sign maker.

Another expat and I like these signs that look like the car is chasing down the pedestrian to run him over. (The first times I saw it it didn’t mention kids…) Are those rocks spitting out from the car tire at the edge of the road, or is the tire excited for a fresh victim?

On the way to the local beach today (Sunday), I made yet another wrong turn and found this classic view looking back over Kinsale, where I live. Fields are starting to get greener and daffodils bloomed last week, but a lot of trees still don’t have leaves, so it seems similar to home (except there are fewer trees here, I think). However, I don’t know if the dry/cold winter here affected what is normal for the island.

The local strands are at Garrettstown, though I mostly saw signs for Ballinspittle. The first thing I saw at the beach was a cow. This reminded me of my friend Jason who is touring the world and posted a picture from India this week on Facebook with cows on the beach with him (the pic is not on his blog yet, but I’ll update when it’s there because it’s pretty funny). I guess the Irish cows, being bounded by electric fencing across the street, at least won’t leave us piles in the sand.

This view looks back at the beaches/cows. Do you see the people surfing when it’s 50 degrees out?? The Irish are serious about their watersports and wetsuits. There were many people at the beach, food vendors, you name it. Kids were digging in the sand wearing hats and coats.

I drove out to Old Head, the tip of the land in this area, where you can’t get past those ruins because yet another golf club has put a fence around their precious holes in the ground. Sorry, I just don’t get golf. On the plus side, the golfers are greeted with the constant odor of dairy cows.

A typical street in the town of Kinsale. I like this Guinness sign.

About a block from that pub is St. Multose, a church built by the Normans in the 1100s!! It’s still in use today; I went inside and saw that people from several countries had signed the guestbook this weekend. It smells old inside but is in very good repair.

After the local wandering, I picked up the slowest fast food I’ve had in awhile (plus I had to walk to get it; does that even count?) and went to the gym for the first time, which is a hotel exercise room! We can get passes through work and it’s a rather nice hotel gym (even if the scale weighed me in stone), so I may even join it. The fact that it’s five minutes from home and has a hot tub weighs into this heavily. Anyway, after that and the previous day’s long hikes, I’m all joint-crunchy and sore and I’m guessing tomorrow will be worse. That will be the day to hit the hot tub!

I had many adventures on Saturday, too, but felt this post would be faster to craft and I need to get to bed. We moved the clocks to “summer time” this weekend so we’re back to five hours ahead of the eastern U.S. My trainer and I only missed one international conference call last week due to the misaligned time changes. There was talk on the radio here that they might switch to a different European central time; I can only imagine the fights after the last couple of years in Indiana! I imagine a Hoosier saying it’s important to stay on Greenwich Mean Time because that’s how the rest of the world bases their clocks and therefore we’re more important.

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  1. This was posted at 12:51am on Monday?! But it’s still 8:45pm on Sunday! You’re some kind of wizard or Marty McFly or something.

  2. I hate changing my clock around. If I want to get up an hour early, then I will set my alarm clock for that scenario thank you very much. My husband was suggested we move to Arizona to escape Daylight Savings Time.

    I said if we were pretend moving, why not head to Hawaii instead. No jumping the clock around and we could live in paradise. No snakes either. I am getting tired of rattlesnakes.

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