I’m really not a bad cook

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, which is a national holiday here. However, I hear America parties more on this one than the Irish do. I feel obligated to acknowledge the date given where I am located so I’ll report back on the state of an actual Irish St. Patty’s Day soon. (I still have no internet/phone/TV at home so my access is sporadic and I haven’t read blogs or been on Facebook or really done anything I usually do online in almost a week, and many online things I haven’t gotten to at all since I moved over here.)

The new house is really nice, though the alarm system was faulty and screamed at me Sunday morning even though it wasn’t armed, and then the oven cooker and I have had a falling out before we even met. I couldn’t get the ovens to work at all a couple nights ago, but the stovetop was ok, so I switched the dinner menu. The landlord had a guy out to repair a dead burner the next day and I scored a copy of the manual, where I figured out that the clock has to be set to operate the oven. Huh? Like every other outlet and powered item here, there is a wall switch to give power to the oven. Since the switch is off when not using the oven, the clock resets. So you have to set the clock (which is not intuitive anyway and you need the manual to learn it) to get the oven to turn on. I should have figured something was up when the landlord breezed right through a hard clock setting example operation when I saw the house last week.

So then I tried the oven last night, and after fifteen minutes there was a pop and a flash and it blew the breaker. (Fortunately my pizza was done enough to eat.) I called the landlord today and she said the repair guy had also replaced an oven lightbulb, which I assume is the problem. I’m hoping I don’t burn down the house on the next attempt and I did have a brief brainflash to source a fire extinguisher!

Since I’m already behind at work and tomorrow is a day off where I’m not sure exactly how to keep busy (lacking internet and all), I’m collecting some reading material to keep me occupied. But now it’s time to go home (long after everyone else) and drive my new car! They swapped my rental for my lease vehicle, a diesel VW Golf with 500 km on it. Now I’m worried my bad lefthand driving will scratch up a brand new car.

Note: I think Seamus (“shaymus”) is a funny name.

5 thoughts on “I’m really not a bad cook

  1. Well, shoot. I was hoping you were living in a such a villagy village that you might have an iron pot hung over an open fire or something. Pffft.

  2. Amy-
    Since your mother told me where to find your blog, I am, of course, following along also. How far are you from Greneaugh (sp?) and Cobh (Cove, Queenstown, and assorted other names)? Since genealogy is my new passion for the last 1 1/2 years I have discovered that many of my ancestors are from those towns – oh, and also Listowel, Kerry.


  3. Ed,

    Just wanted to let you know we are following your adventures with great joy. To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day we had Shepherd’s Pie complete with green (isn’t food dye grand) mashed potatoes. For lunch it was a taco salad with guacamole chips, green of course.

    On a somewhat related note my best female friend in the world is now living in N. Ireland. So, it would seem that two of the most significant women in my life are now living on the same island far far away from me.

    Coincidence, I think not.

    When my husband takes off for the emerald isle I will know I have a real problem on my hands.


  4. Margel: Cobh is just under an hour away, but I haven’t been there yet! Looks like Grenagh is about an hour north of here; hadn’t heard of it (and it looks tiny). Listowel is a couple hours away. I haven’t been out of Co. Cork yet but have big plans!

  5. Deb: good to hear from you! It sure is odd when events conspire to put people in other parts of the world yet near each other. I ate nothing green on the holiday.

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