Moving house

I’m abandoning my computer desk assembly. I was feeling too dumb to understand the complicated instructions, and then realized I have no screwdriver! I feel like I packed a silly little one, but I don’t recall unpacking it and have no idea where it would be. The flathead one on my bike tool won’t cut it.

I signed up for satellite TV online last week but it had a one-week wait for installation. Then they called yesterday to say the online system isn’t working right (though they somehow had all my info) and scheduled for yet another week out. I’m still amazed that every customer service person I talk to IS ACTUALLY IN IRELAND (or else their foreign call center counterparts have mastered the accent): the bank, the TV people, the electric company. Today I was excited to receive a temporary login to watch the TV channels online for a month. But: it didn’t work, and the site is having technical problems. Sigh.

A few pictures of the house, mostly from moving day:

Kitchen eating area, with patio doors to backyard

Kitchen, the other way

Living room 1

Living room 1, looking out the other set of patio doors. I’m not using this room for anything except storing packing boxes right now

Living room 2

Living room 2, the other way. This gas fireplace howls with the wind. At some point I will have the new TV, computer desk, and various other comfort items set up in here but at the moment it’s a wreck

Stairs going up to the loft

Master BR (downstairs; that would be ground floor, while first floor is what I think is second floor!)

Guest BR 1. See how I made the bed?

Guest BR 2. Home to camping equipment now and apparently a little girl in the past

Guest bath, one of three bathrooms. The showers in the other ones are worth a separate blog post

The loft upstairs with sleeper couch and its own bathroom with skylight

View of the harbor harbour and ocean from the loft balcony. Someone told me you can see the lighthouse at night up there but I just checked and it’s too rainy to go out.

The style of the house, with bright natural light (even on gray days), neutral colors, and white trim is exactly what I would pick for myself, so the relocation people did a great job considering I had never been here when it was picked for me. It’s pretty new and seems energy efficient, an improvement over our uninsulated 90-year-old house at home! There is a nice yard and patio in the back and lots of landscaping that I don’t have to maintain, which is brilliant or perfect if you go by the slang here. Grand, fair play, lads.

Today I saw yet another person walking in the road with a stick, but it wasn’t long enough to be a walking stick. I asked my coworkers and they hadn’t noticed all the stick-carrying pedestrians before. I need more data.

8 thoughts on “Moving house

  1. Ed,

    Your home is lovely. I think this place is more “you” than the big house you had in Indy, except of course the little bedroom with pink floral walllpaper. That doesn’t scream “ED” (Note to anyone reading who is not Ed or her close family who are already aware of my oddness. I know her actual name is Amy, but I was her roomie for two years of crazy, intense, bizarre boarding school, and I seem to have an inability to call her by any name other than Ed, somehow she seems to have forgiven my lapses in sanity.)

    The view of the harbour is exquisite. I am sitting here drinking my homemade chai tea latte and dreaming of sitting out on your deck and enjoying the view. Instead I am looking at a cactus, a nice cactus, but not up to snuff after seeing your view.

    How are you feeling? Is the infection in a fully submissive pose? Are you actually breathing out of both nostrils?

    Is it too late in the year to get good Kale? Colcannon is so yummy. I make mine with a dash of liquid smoke and some porcini mushrooms instead of bacon. I have also been known to do it up with liquid smoke and a few chopped kalamata olives. Either will do, but it is such a yummy meal on a cold rainy day and the romantic part of me would want to eat colcannon while in Ireland.

  2. What are all those green, leafy things outside your windows?

    Oh yeah, trees. Ours are still months away. Harumph.

    V. happy you’re getting settled in! The house is fantastic, and the loft looks like the perfect place to cozy up with a good book and a warm blanket.

  3. That kitchen looks wonderful. The view is incredible!

    Tara and I have been talking about an Ireland vacation for a few months now. If we ever pull the trigger, perhaps we will look in on you.

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