Day 2: Do Not Disturb

They disturbed me despite the sign on the door, but I still slept a lot.

Driving from the airport yesterday, we had to stop for some hounds in the road. Shortly after was a guy with a walking stick, and around the bend a couple of riders in dressage with their horses. I can safely say I haven’t run across a hunting party while driving before.

My relocation agent showed me the house briefly, but I can’t move in for a week. Then she led me to the hotel, where we dropped off my car (that was enough left-hand driving for me!) and she took me to work so I could find my way later. The “downtown” of Kinsale has narrow streets and little in the way of traffic signs; it’s a good thing she was driving, because it was terrible to figure out who had the right of way and two cars couldn’t fit past each other in several places. But we made it, and today (Sunday) I made the trip myself, which went fine since I had to focus on driving and not on how close we were to the walls out the window.

On Saturday, I had dinner at an Italian place in town, about a ten minute walk from the hotel after I got lost for another ten (I wasn’t about to drive or figure out how to pay for parking yet).

I stayed up to a “normal” bedtime but still slept too much today, and now I’m up at night again. I made it downstairs for a little breakfast Sunday and was able to find fuel for the car (1.269 Euro per liter, which I think is over $7 a gallon? can’t believe they rented me a car almost out of fuel) and get a few snacks. Sunday’s dinner was at the Blue Haven, a yummy mushroom risotto.

And I bought wine on a Sunday, a brand that is corked at home for $9 but was €12.49 here with a screw top.

The view from my hotel room

Mom: a pay toilet!

Business class FTW!

I am not a frequent flier, but I’ve been on enough flights to dread long ones in coach. Get this: Business Class actually has enough room! Not to mention free booze and a comforter and a real pillow and THEY GAVE ME SOCKS in my little baggie of personal items (toothbrush and lotion and sleep mask and the like). I think the socks must be so everyone’s stinky feet didn’t bother each other while sleeping. And the food was really good! Noise canceling headphones made the movie and sleeping much more pleasant. The seat turned into a bed, which really only got me three hours of sleep, but they were comfy.

I watched Up in the Air, and I wondered if they played it on purpose to encourage us to fly ten million miles. My airline was the same as the one in the movie. I guess they might get more travelers if we thought we might be sitting next to George Clooney. I think the Oscars are going on Sunday, but I didn’t really find this film to be fabulous enough for best picture. Maybe the first ten minutes I missed were the awesome part.

All three of my flights were pleasant enough since I never had anyone sitting next to me. Heathrow was pretty sucky, and I’m glad two people warned me before I left. The maze of corrugated metal halls was like hiking Battlestar Galactica. It’s like no one planned the space or travel from one terminal to another: it took me a good 40 minutes to get from my long flight to the short one to Ireland, with heavy bags, and all the turns and halls made no sense. Perhaps they hoped to weed out undesirable immigrants by wearing out the weak ones before they stepped on British soil. The flight screens were all down so it was pretty confusing to figure out where to go anyway. At least all the customs, security, and immigration stops were quick and easy.

My first thoughts on stepping foot in Cork: Stairs? Down from the plane and then back up into the terminal, and by then I was really tired and the bags seemed heavier. But soon enough I was speaking with the immigration guy, who was expecting me (now that’s a good relocation agent! this guy recognized that I was on a company transfer when he saw my name on my passport), and after a few stamps and holding up everyone in line behind me, I met my agent and got some cash and was driving on the wrong side of the road! Have you heard of a Nissan Note?

I’ll pick up again later since it’s five in the morning and I’m tired again. I can only sleep in two hour stints but at least I don’t have to be anywhere for another day.

Arliss takes over the world

I’ve had a really trying day attempting to book flights and receive documents and fill out even more forms, but this makes up for it:

Arliss has her own blog! Yes, that’s right, I kicked her to the curb while I went on a European adventure for a year and she has already taken over her foster home’s computer to complain about it. I guess she got an even bigger head when she became a famous Disapproving Rabbit.

Please visit Arliss and I’ll try to let y’all know when she posts a new rant. Those are the only kinds of posts she will be publishing, I’m sure.