St. Patrick’s Day: wandering Cork

After the parade, I ate at hippie-friendly Quay Co-op, a popular vegetarian restaurant in Cork. The food was great! They also have a grocery which would have helped my pantry a lot (it’s hard to find a few veggie-specific items in regular groceries), but it was closed for the holiday.

A note on the word quay: I used to use it a lot in Scrabble and therefore knew it to mean dock or wharf. This word is part of every other street or building name around here, and it’s pronounced key. Whoops!

Cork has a central island of sorts within the split of the River Lee, which is pedestrian-only and has lots of neat little shops, restaurants, and pubs. The parade went around this area so I couldn’t get in until it was over, where it was jammed with people. Most of the shops were closed for the holiday so I didn’t get to explore much, so I just took some pictures. At a central spot there were food booths and a concert stage and it was so crowded it was difficult to even walk.

This is what’s left of the Red Abbey, a 14th-century church. It’s basically the oldest thing in town now since everything else from that era and before burned down long ago.

2 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day: wandering Cork

  1. LOL – quay really is pronounced key. Well, except for the raging argument among the Irish themselves for how to pronounce Coal Quay in the city center next to where I live. I have one friend who INSISTS that it’s pronounced “kay”, the old-fashioned way. But then he gets shouted down by the “key” proponents ๐Ÿ™‚ I just try to remember who I’m talking to.

    And yes, sadly, the intense consumer focus is not at all present here. Have you run into the not-so-fantastic customer service yet? Again I get confused – I never know whether to be irritated beyond belief that all the shops are closed on holidays (when I would actually be off work!), or admire them for valuing their employees’ quality of life over making money. Then I find myself stymied by the fact that everything closes by 6, the latest in the evenings, and I decide just to be irritated ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Yeah, I pretty much stay home and don’t shop since everything is closed! Seems it would be good for the Irish economy for me to blow that cost of living allowance I get instead of taking it on vacations abroad.

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