World’s End

World’s End is the name of the location or neighborhood or whatever this place is. I’m staying in the Trident Hotel, and that’s their address. A lot of the homes and businesses here don’t seem to have (or at least use) numerical addresses, just names like Old Head and Seaward and Highlanes Gallery. I’m glad I’m not delivering pizza here. Also most streets don’t have signs with the street name, just arrows pointing to various named shops and points of interest. My GPS SatNav goes by street names, and they’re on maps, but not actually posted in public. Very confusing.

I’m moving into my house tomorrow, but the phone and internet connections could take a few to several days, so I may not be around much on here or on the phone. Meanwhile I’m fighting the early parts of a sinus infection, but my insurance is suddenly bizarre and the pharmacies don’t stay open past six, so I’m doing my best with Aleve and Sudafed–glad I brought at least a couple things with me. Apparently rather than having a selection of OTC meds on the shelves at any grocery or drugstore, you have to talk to the pharmacist and explain your symptoms and they might sell you something.

Also: Arliss has a Twitter account now too! She’s advanced past my own level of connectivity. I expect I’ll see her cell phone bill on my credit card next. She has a couple new posts at her blog, too.

Pics I took right before I left.

6 thoughts on “World’s End

  1. I like how Casper looks like she knows you’re leaving and is sad but resigned to the fact, whereas Walt seems to be staring you down as if to say, “I am disappointed in your decision to abandon me, Amy.”

  2. Myms: alas, the Mucinex is at home, but I never got much out of it anyway. Feeling much better today!

    Matt: Exactly what I thought about the dogs’ reactions! I had a little talk with them when I was heading out the door and that’s how they looked.

  3. The street signs (or lack there of) in Europe bugged me too! I can’t remember if it was London or France, but in one of those cities the signs were all bolted onto buildings, which was odd.

  4. Italy had the signs on the buildings, which was fine. They don’t even have that here except in rare cases!

    I have to use a GPS to get home from work because I still can’t find my way and it’s only 4 miles!

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