I feel like Arliss today

I almost made it a month.

I have been the friendly newcomer (as much as is possible for me) since March 5 when I got on the first of three planes to take me to live in a place I’d never visited. And now, on April 1: I’m grumpy. I woke up that way and I’m not fighting it today. Please review the best introvert article ever as detailed here. My energy has been sapped from dealing with people (none of whom are in any way close to me) and I’ve pet all of two dogs for less than twenty minutes in this whole time. I only saw a sad rabbit through a pet store window.

I’m not complaining (beyond that which comes with grumpiness) and I don’t want to leave. I just want to be grumpy and not return calls, schedule meetings, establish accounts, ask twenty times what Irish Boomhauer just said, figure out what I can eat at a corporate meeting at a fish-only restaurant, explain why my credit card doesn’t work like everyone else’s, or fill out any more forms. I’m tired of telling people where I live and what I think of town and defending why I don’t go out to pubs on my own to get to know even more strangers I don’t have the energy to know. I also don’t really want to read any more procedures with 12 attachments but actually that kind of work is much better than other things I could be doing at my job today, so I’ll read.

I didn’t want to go to tea either, but I did and just listened. I can’t do a total alienation today but I shall invoke the code of almost-silence until I feel better or find a fuzzy animal to cuddle. It’s a reasonable coping mechanism.

11 thoughts on “I feel like Arliss today

  1. You must be exhausted. A month is a long time to be “on.” I have a sales conference coming up in May. It lasts 5 days. I have been dreading it since the last sales conference I attended in December. They are lovely people, but they are ALL extroverts, and they schedule our time so that we need never miss the comforts of home or feel lonely without our loved ones. My loved ones understand that I need peace and quiet to read in the evenings and that getting drunk with my coworkers every night for a week is not my idea of a good time. I wish I could copy that article about taking care of your introvert and lay it on the chair of every attendee before the opening meeting without risking losing my job.

  2. Oh, Amy. I agree with Melody. A month of non-stop activity and “people person time” would be an eternity for anyone.

    I know the last thing you want is to deal with more chatter, but can I make a gentle suggestion? This weekend, if you can, go back to the pet shop with the forlorn bun. Walk in, find a quiet corner, and snuggle that bunny until you feel re-centered. The pet shop owner will probably be relieved to have a temporary caretaker, and it should help lift your worn out soul a bit, too.

    I’m not a “pub person”, either.

    Also, can you please e-mail me your mailing address in Ireland? I want to send a little care package your way. 🙂

  3. awwww. I think we all need that cranky time to recharge. Do you have your bike? You could ride about looking for wild buns and other wildlife…

  4. Ed,

    I am sorry you have are scuba diving. Living in a world that is not your natural one, taking your oxygen with you, as it were. Cocoon this weekend and get in an oxygen rich environment. When you feel like writing, send me your actual address.

    Take a week but after that I am calling your momma for the address.

    I have some stupid random things to send to you. I send a package once a month to my step-daughter, and man have I got this skill down pat. She is just like you, frankly so is my husband. I live “OUT” and I love people who live “IN.”

    I am a hyper extrovert who has a house full of basset hounds.

    God has a great sense of humor.

    I am sending prayers your way.

  5. Love you, sis. I know that statement didn’t help. In fact, I bet it made you roll your eyes. But, since that’s your natural habitat, maybe it did help. 🙂

    I had a guinea pig in a live shot on-the-air this week in a cute leash. I sent you that link, go back and re-watch it. You can’t not smile when the little piggie peeks up from the mulch right before the story starts.

    Maybe I can send Maddux in a care package. He’ll stare blankly at you until you smile… or don’t. Then maybe he’ll kiss you… whether you like it or not. Let me see if I can get some quilts and pack him in this water heater box. Be careful when you open it up though. It may smell like farts.

  6. Ed, forgot to add that I am an ENTJ, So as different as we may have seemed on the outside to so many people, we were a lot alike. Funny…well…and we both had huge feet, but I digress…a lot. (also a trait of my basset hounds, the huge feet, not the digression) I need to get some sleep.

  7. I just spent 4 days with an extrovery while travelling for business and met a bunch of new people. I don’t know how you are doing it, but I admire you! Hang in there Amy.

  8. Sounds like you’re doing well and getting out and doing all kinds of things so you deserve a grumpy day. Do most people have trouble understanding you and comment on your accent?

  9. TMC: anxious to get on the bike, but it’s not put back together yet from shipping. I will likely hook up the video with that soon!

    Myms: more than one person said I have a strong accent!

  10. Arliss’ temp staff has been slammed and avoiding the internet as much as humanly possible but now that the situation has been resolved, Arliss wants you to know that SHE TOTALLY GETS IT. She also insisted that I add that if she were there, you would: a) not have to resort to a sad bunny through a pet store window and b) probably not be grumpy because her presence would make all the difference.

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