Rainy Cobh

These flowers have been blooming outside my door for weeks. I thought they were roses until I made a closer inspection: no thorns. It’s funny how these seem ‘mature’ while most trees still have no leaves.

I’m good about getting pics to my computer but not always the blog uploading and narrative bit. I played tourist the last two weekends here and I’m leaving for London tomorrow. Time to catch up, but in the meantime I’m trying to put more pictures at my Flickr photostream. See it there, folks, before you see it here! I’ll put the Flickr link on the sidebar, too.

Two Saturdays ago: I set my GPS for Cobh with a general idea that I’d poke around there, find some scenic hiking, and catch a movie. First I slept in, still one of my favorite things to do! I’m getting older, I guess, because I can no longer sleep more than about eight hours (and that’s pushing it) or my back hurts, plus last night I needed antacid for the first time. I kind of like my gray hair that turned up a few months ago, though. It’s shiny.

After making my way through places named Belgooly, Ballyfeard, Ballynoe, Carrigaline, and missing Shanbally and Ringaskiddy but seeing Ballyfouloo and Bunkila (don’t tell Arliss), I ended up in Monkstown. Then my GPS told me to turn right and board the ferry! I wasn’t expecting that, but one car was waiting and it was clearly marked where to be when this ferry to somewhere arrived. I got out to read the sign (for tips like price and how many hours I’d have to wait!) and determined it was just a river crossing and I think the ferry just goes back and forth all day. Maybe three minutes later I was following the cars onto the ferry and the guy took my €7 for a return trip (which I bought since I was going to a place that had Island in the name, but it turns out I took a road off of it and could’ve gotten a one-way for €5).

I liked how my GPS showed me in the middle of the river with a boat indicator (instead of a turn or roundabout) and told me to “leave ferry and turn right.”

Cobh (pronounced Cove) was the point of departure for many an Irish immigrant to North America, not to mention some prisoners to Australia and the poor Titanic. There was a huge Polish vessel docked near the immigration museum, complete with guys up in the crows’ nests.

I don’t know why there’s a Kilroy guy on this building on the left

You might notice the huge cathedral, St. Colman’s, on the hill above town.

I walked up there and went inside. It was as beautiful as the cathedrals we visited in Rome a couple years ago. I waited for the rain under the front arches for awhile and then just got soaked.

I looked in a couple shops, but they were touristy. Supposedly this is a reasonably sized city, but it seemed very tiny town down by the water. I grabbed some late lunch and headed for my next spot, which will be a new post since this is getting long!

6 thoughts on “Rainy Cobh

  1. the name of those flowers is on the tip of my tongue. i’m sure it’ll come to me in the middle of doing laundry or something. anyway, if i think of it, i’ll holler. 🙂

  2. Re. Bunkila: Arliss is enduring living directly across the river from Rabbithash so she got the memo – and, though I have never seen it, the means by which to defend herself.

  3. LOL – no, somebody lied to you!, Cobh is not a reasonably sized city 🙂 I got to know it a bit because another American expat was living there for awhile before she moved back home. Cobh is vewwy, vewwy small 🙂

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