Stupid volcanic ash cloud

If it weren’t for the novelty of it, and a great name like “the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland,” it might be kind of neat to be covered in an ash cloud. Other than a hazy distant horizon in the evening (when I’m not in the hilly area where I live and therefore don’t really see much distant horizon), I can’t tell there’s a giant blanket of abrasive particulates up there.

But: my dogs can’t fly! We’re expecting they’ll be delayed a week at this point. They were supposed to go tomorrow to Frankfurt and then Dublin, but now they’re grounded. I should just be glad they didn’t get to Frankfurt and then get stuck!

Meanwhile, my friend’s husband was in Ireland last week for his brother’s wedding. And now he’s stuck. Poor guy is stranded at my house, sharing my lousy laptop and putting up with my cooking. On the plus side he’s not living in the Shannon airport, and I’m getting tech things fixed around the house plus we’ve had a little tour of local pubs and beer in the meantime. We also went to Rock of Cashel and Cahir Castle on Saturday, and pictures will follow (when I get a chance on the laptop!).

1 thought on “Stupid volcanic ash cloud

  1. Ed,
    I am so sorry your fur family is being kept at bay by the stupid ash cloud.

    What a sweet friend you are to keep a stranded husband fed, under roof, and supplied with tech activities and beer. (Keep that up and he may never go home.)

    You run a rescue shelter no matter where you are or what sweet furry creature needs assistance, just one more reason you are adored by so many.

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