About time

Once the airline lost the dogs’ paperwork again Sunday, I was getting really upset. I got the people in California working on it again but pretty much stayed home all day to be near the phone. All they were able to confirm is that the airline had no idea where it went and the pet movers would start all over again, which would take a couple days. My vet in Indiana started doing her part on Monday and she was getting pretty annoyed too.

When I got home from work Monday evening, I got a phone call that the papers had turned up! (The second round; originals that went with the dogs never appeared. They had spent four days in the vet office in those little sick bay type cages and they should have only been there an hour or less.) It was about 6:30 and the courier said he’d arrive around midnight, and it was closer to one in the morning when he got to the house, but I was glad to see the dogs no matter the time. Walter whined incredibly loudly from the van when he heard my voice, and Casper was just shaky, but it was a happy reunion in the back yard. I got them calmed enough to send the guy on his way and spent the next hour trying to get them settled a bit. Walter was wiggly and excited and loved exploring the yard, and seemed to be pretty much himself in about ten minutes. Poor Casper drank and drank and drank water and was nervous and went to the bathroom a lot when she wasn’t hovering with me. She had rubbed the top of her snout red and raw on the crate door. I left the door to the yard open for an hour so they could go in and out and get used to things without peeing in the house, which seemed to work ok!

I had to get to bed and they slept pretty soundly (Walter on top of me and Casper snoring in the corner). I came home at lunch on Tuesday to make sure all was well. After work, Walter decided to pee in the bedroom, so I was glad I had closed off all the carpeted rooms when I wasn’t home! He and I walked into town to get carpet cleaner and he was pretty good tied up outside the grocery store. There’s even a little ring mounted low on the wall to hitch yer dog.

Casper wouldn’t let me sleep this morning but of course now she’s snoring again. I’m off to work and hope they will nap all day! I’m jealous.

In their new yard

Walter has to check out the previous dog’s door to the shed

Casper found something to eat around here (and would you believe that parsley!)

6 thoughts on “About time

  1. Hooray! Andrea and I are so happy they are safe and sound. We’ve been thinking about them a lot. I’ll tell Maddux they are safe. He’s been a nervous wreck since I told him they were stuck.

  2. Oh I am SOOO glad the pups made it. I wish you could’ve filmed their arrival. I bet they were so happy to see you. Sweet things!

    P.S. Like your new blog design!

  3. Mymsie: I thought about filming (or ‘filluming’ as it’s pronounced here) but it was so late and I was trying to quiet the drama!

    Arliss: I’m sure Walter has lifted his leg all over it by now. I should have had you travel in his crate and keep track of the paperwork for them!

  4. Ed,
    I am so glad your fur babies are finally at home with their momma! I cannot imagine how my Gertie would handle that kind of ordeal. I know she would eat all my shoes, poop in my bed, on my pillow, and anywhere else that caught her fancy, and probably go totally bald.

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