Cycling the hills

Just a quick note to report we are still alive and the dogs are finally pooping in a recognizable manner. Casper’s age is starting to catch up to her. She’s having a hard time getting up from the floor so we help lift her rear, and David re-suggested the Collie Trolley (mostly because it sounds funny, but it started when she was falling down the basement stairs at the Indy house). She still likes to wrestle with Walter and seems happy, but it’s hard to see her get old and not be able to take her on walks into town, let alone up the cliffs Walter gets to see. I guess she never has been much of an explorer so she’s probably happy being at home anyway.

I’m working on finding a pet sitter so we can plan our adventures. The wish list (outside Ireland and Northern Ireland) includes:
-Iceland (we always intended to go there even before there was a job in Europe or a volcanic eruption)
-Glasgow (David has friends there)
-Prague (everyone says this is fabulous)
-Germany somewhere
-Paris because I figure I should

That ought to keep us busy. I figure we’ll go to as many as we can afford and make time for, plus we’ll have to see how much we hate each other after the first few trips! I feel like I’ve gotten Italy, Spain, and the UK mostly out of the way for this round.

I rode my bike to work today for the first time here. It’s less than five miles but dang the hills are hard. I’m a little worried about the way home! I need to tighten my rear brake and get in better shape as the first orders of business. I wonder how many car trips I have to replace with my bike to offset all the air travel we have planned…

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  1. The STA is starting to take shape. Since I will be in Strausbourg for 3 months, perhaps we can meet in Paris or you could visit there on your way to Germany. DSF

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