Dog disaster

There could be worse disasters, but right now the dogs are in Dublin and someone lost all their paperwork during their flights. Due to flight delays and the ash cloud which keeps affecting Ireland airspace, they were in transit almost 36 hours. Now I can’t even visit them until their paperwork clears, and it has to be original paperwork. I’m glad they are in a vet facility but they have no info or records on them at all.

My vet in Indiana has already overnighted new paperwork to my pet moving company in California, who will take it to the USDA to be re-endorsed, and then take it to the airline office to have it sent over directly, but at best that will be tomorrow. It seems the likelihood of paperwork loss is high again in that scenario.

I am very upset.

David sent this picture of them last week

2 thoughts on “Dog disaster

  1. Ed,

    My dogs are slinging some drool your way (the basset version of hugs and kisses). I am so sorry that everything and the kitchen sink has gone wrong.

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