Hee haw

A few weeks ago I went to a donkey sanctuary in Liscarroll, Mallow. Strangely enough, there are donkey sanctuaries all over the UK and there are commercials on TV to sponsor a donkey’s care in other parts of the world. Mostly I was lonely to be around some animals. The views over the fields were beautiful and the occasional hee-haws would inspire responses all across the fenced facilities. There was also a random castle in town (fifth picture) and some farm animals had been confined to the castle courtyard at one point recently.

After Liscarroll, I stopped at Kanturk Castle (pics 6-7). I liked the view of the fireplaces in the tower with all the floors missing. Lots of crows living in the castle.

The last three pictures are from Mallow, where multiple castles are in various states of disrepair. As castles deteriorated or were damaged, they kept building new ones next to the old ones. Some punk kids were causing trouble in the ruins and had left a lot of trash rubbish around, so Mallow didn’t impress me much but the ruins were kind of eerie on a gray afternoon. There is a community of white deer living at the property. Apparently you and seven of your friends can rent the ‘newest’ castle for €16,000 per week. The place didn’t look ready for tenants though; a lot of the upstairs windows were open and I imagined a crow-filled Nancy Drew mystery location.

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