Good thoughts needed

Casper has been in the hospital since Thursday and is only getting worse. I’m bringing her home tonight but I don’t know how long she will be with us. Please send good thoughts for her and that I’ll get through it.


10 thoughts on “Good thoughts needed

  1. I will be sending good toughts and virtual hugs to you guys during this difficult time. Please take comfort in the fact that Casper will be at home surrounded by her family, by those who love her. What a wonderful act of love for your friend.

  2. I hope Casper knows that I am thinking of her and sending her a rare and precious snuggle. She and I (well, ALL dogs and I) do not really see nose to nose but she is part of my family and in my thoughts. Here goes, *snuggle, snuggle*, Casper. – Arliss

  3. I remember reclining on the couch and Casper lying between the couch and the trunk always a little wary, but willing to face the fearsome guy for some light stroking and a well-deserved treat. That’s a good thought I will recall and hope Casper has the same recollection. Mom and
    Dad are thinking lovingly of Casper.

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