When is July over?

I feel like carp. I mean crap. That is an excellent illustration of one of my ailments, bizarre goings-on in my arms and hands that keep me from typing well. Sometimes it hurts to use the computer and that in combination with other crappy health stuff means not a lot of updating here. I have thousands of pictures to present but I can barely scroll through Facebook.

Vegas bunny is quite ill and is having a ridiculous surgery on Thursday. I’m worried about her.

This month sure sucks so far. Next!

1. The hydrangeas here can’t pick a color. I know they vary based on soil acidity, but the variety here is amazing and often occurs on the same plant.
2. I don’t think these were the intended diners when the pet store put out this dog food.
3. General Tso’s Tofu
4. The thing that trims the hedgerows
5. Stuffed portobellos and campers
6. Walter lounges

4 thoughts on “When is July over?

  1. Amy, I stole your photo of the hedgetrimmer. Hope you don’t mind.

    I found a collie cookie cutter at the Shipshewana flea market a couple of weeks ago and got two – one for you and one for your mother. I gave them both to her, and she said she would get it to you.

  2. I have weird arm stuff too that I’m certain is from using a computer all day. My right wrist is in especially bad shape. I can’t even turn it all the way around. *putters off to take Geritol*

  3. Myms–does your employer address it? Mine has helped a lot with different chair and mouse at work plus seeing an athletic trainer and various ergo ppl for assessments and stretching, and the most helpful item is an arm brace I wear daily. I also use some of those tricks at home… but there are just too many computing hours in the day. I can’t tell if the latest stuff is the same cause or something else going on. Rowing-type activities are pretty much out right now, which I confirmed in recent kayaking. 🙁

    Does Geritol help? That would be easier 🙂

  4. Dear Walter –

    Still thinking of you and looking forward to terrorizing you when we are back together again. I hope you are feeling better. I know grief can be a strange and hard thing. Carrots help.

    – Arliss

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