Dublin, “done and dusted”

Time to complete the roundup of our Dublin trip in June.

1 Creepy statue of children that’s supposed to be in honor or memory of them…
2-8 Dublin Castle, mostly palace-like, where the Brits ruled locally for centuries and it’s now used as a government facility (rather more Irish now). There were excavated remains of some of the old walls and moats from the older castle.
9 Typical evening: computing in the hotel. That thing on our feet wasn’t very wide and was at the end of the bed. What is it for?
10 Ikea! Our first trip. David has been very anti-Ikea at home (he wanted to build high quality furniture, not buy cheap stuff), but he admitted they have a lot of neat design ideas and when you need a desk and have no tools, you have to branch out a bit. I was disappointed we got there so late that we couldn’t explore the acres of stuff and eat in the restaurant.
11 Merhorse (?) lamp post, near Trinity College I think
12 Mr. Bagpipes, for “anything that requires the unique sound of the bagpipes”
13 Rainy shopping area. There was also a women’s running event in town that day so we were surrounded by freezing wet people in shorts and participation medals
14 I always pick up street rubbish in a top hat
15-19 St. Patrick’s Cathedral, which dates from the 1200s, including Jonathan Swift‘s grave and an amazing tiled floor. Handel’s Messiah was first played here according to what we heard when we were there, but there is some disagreement when I look into it online.

We actually tried to go cliff walking at Howth nearby on our last morning in Dublin before going home, but the fog was so incredibly thick we couldn’t see the road, let alone any cliffs or water. Some other time! ‘Tis a weather dependent country sometimes.

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  1. My temporary staff were laughing at your pics of Dublin because their pics are virtually identical. Ah, the joys of tourism. They did get to attend a concert at St. Patrick’s Cathedral where Máire Ní Chathasaigh (Ireland’s top harper, now living in the UK with her husband) used a harp built by my staff here in Rising Sun, Indiana. It was a high point for them. They also really liked going to the pubs that were hosting sessions. They much prefer this to the music found in most American bars. Also, if you can manage to get the chance to go anywhere in Ireland to see Danú live, GO!!! Even I agree this band is really outstanding.

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