Tripod Vegas

Ms. Vegas bunny has been through quite a lot lately. After infections in both feet that spread badly in one leg, she had her rear left leg amputated just over a week ago. We considered her senior age and ongoing upper respiratory issues, but her wonderful caretakers in the States said she still had the will to fight and a lot of life in her, so we opted for the surgery. It was apparently the right decision because she seemed relieved to be rid of the pain after surgery and her other foot is getting better with attentive care. Vegas still isn’t up hopping around on her remaining leg, but she scoots around her enclosure, eats well, grooms constantly, and the surgical site has healed great, so we have high hopes for her future. At some point she needs to learn to get that other leg back under her and hop on it, but it’s bandaged right now and probably hard to manage.

We were able to do a Skype video call tonight so I got to see how she’s doing. She was lounging like nothing happened! Hopefully she’ll be up and hopping soon. I feel far less worried about her knowing she has such capable nursing staff!

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  1. I’m relieved she stayed with Auntie Dawn while I was in Japan – I doubt my bunnysitter would have caught the worsened infection in that leg. I’m just so sorry she took such a turn while staying with me 🙁 She was just so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed the whole time!!

  2. The vet confirmed that Vegas is definitely in the rehab phase. Fully recovered from surgery, still cannot see the incision!

  3. Dear Vegas –

    I had no idea your medical issues were so significant! My hop goes out to you. Hang in there and I will see you when we are both back home. Don’t worry, I’ll keep the humans under control so they will be no problem for you to manipulate in accordance with your wishes.

    I remember how hard it was to recover from my surgery and, due to my worsened cataracts I have been doing a great deal of thinking about bunny health care. (I blogged about it today, in fact.) It is harder for me to get around now because I don’t see as well as I once did but I have found that just as with the loss of my front teeth, I have adjusted and am, when necessary, able to gain assistance from staff. I am sure you will find the same.

    I think I share with you the thought that our real staff really OUGHT to be cutting their pleasure trip to Ireland short and rushing back to tend to our care and whims. Thump! *glare* *emphatic head shake*

    Anyway, I do hope you get your hop back soon.
    Many Bunny Regards –

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