Happy 60th BD to Mom!

I know it’s not nice to say people are old, or even to divulge exactly how old, but today is my mom’s 60th birthday and 1. I don’t think she’s old and 2. everyone should know it and tell her Happy Birthday!

My mom and I have scarily similar personalities (and hair, for that matter). We enjoy things the same way, worry about things the same way, shy away from spotlights the same way, and focus on our introverted passions in the same way. I think anyone who can spend a lifetime doing what they love has it all figured out–I need her to teach me that one a little better.

Mom was always the soft touch when we were in trouble, always let us spend the night with our friends or bring people over to the house, always got up early to fix us breakfast and get us off to school (even though we are equally not morning people–I truly understand this accomplishment), and took me to school when I then missed the bus anyway. I even liked being sick because she’d fix grilled cheese, tomato soup, and 7Up. I liked when I had dentist appointments because instead of rushing me back to school, we’d go have lunch at Wendy’s and read the antique ads on the tabletops. She organized great family vacations and made the awesomest Halloween costumes–usually when we only made up our minds about a day before! She even sewed us a fort made out of fabric for the trees in the backyard.

I’m sure the more important, lasting skills she and Dad taught us were reading at early ages and how to treat everyone fairly, not to mention the importance of a healthy family dinner eaten together. They were also so supportive of everything we did which built our confidence automatically. It’s strange to reflect on these things now because they sure didn’t seem like big deals to me as a kid.

Anyway, thanks, Mom, for being a great mom and have a happy birthday! We love you. Now I’m going to embarrass you with pictures from your trip in June (and thanks to Margel for taking some funny ones!).

1. Looking lovely at Cahir castle
2. Uh oh, there’s about to be a rough boat ride on the Atlantic…
3. Not looking so lovely after the boat.
4. A town called Quilty!
5. At Slea Head
6. Aww, poor 18th century American prisoner
7. At Dunbeg stone fort
8. Climbing Ballycarberry castle
9. Inishmore, Aran Islands: gray day at Dún Aonghasa
10. Not the porticullis!
11. Hanging out in Kilmalkedar Church
12. Riding the dolpin in Dingle
13. Ice cream! Killarney, amongst the hen parties

1 thought on “Happy 60th BD to Mom!

  1. Thank you, my dear daughter, for the lovely tribute! I’m relieved to know you think I did some things right as a Mom. Parents always worry that they’ll screw up their kids. But when I look at you and your brother and see what wonderful people you have become I couldn’t be more proud.
    This being 60 adventure has its ups and downs already and I’m only a few hours into it. I received a couple of birthday cards yesterday. One from church and the other….no, not a BD card after all, but an invitation to try a hearing aid! Last night I got up in the middle of the night (as usual) to use the bathroom and had to hobble along due to a brand new hitch in my hip. Oh goody a new ache and pain to go with my new 60 year status.

    But then this morning I read your loving post. This evening Matt and Andrea are taking us out to dinner and tomorrow they are hosting a celebration with my folks, brother, sister and the entire extended family. Sixty ain’t so bad when you have a wealth of people who apparently think you’re a pretty good egg.

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