Iceland day 2

Maybe someday I’ll catch up! Work is kicking my butt and even when I’m not too tired to post on the blog, my arm wears out with typing all day at work. I’ve had a lot of long days lately and I’m starting to look forward to the next trip.

Back to Iceland, a few Tuesdays ago:

1. Giant marshmallow farm!
2. Just driving down the road, we saw several waterfalls along the volcanic foothills
3-4. There might be a town every hour or two, which might have a restaurant, but mostly the eating option was a gas station grill. Our meal here–two soups, bread, and fries–was about $20 and didn’t include drinks.
5. Expanses of lava stretching to the sea
6. First glimpse of the glacier we would be climbing later
7. Where mud meets ice
8-12 David convinced me to go ice climbing. You basically kick your spiked boots (crampons over the sturdy rented boots) into the wall and hammer an ice axe in from each hand, pulling yourself up and standing up as you go. A shower of ice chunks is constantly falling (note the pieces all around the closeup of our feet). I made it to the top all three times, but it was hard to grip the ice axes by the end. There was quite a bit of ash in the ice and we came back pretty dirty. I also managed to totally wipe out on the walk back and scraped up my knees. I must have caught my crampons in my pants or boot laces.

2 thoughts on “Iceland day 2

  1. TMC: sort of, and in fact David’s soup in that pic was a traditional Icelandic soup with various local animal types in it. Mainly there is a lot of local fish, beef, and lamb, but a few places served more exotic items like puffin 🙁 and reindeer. For that matter those places might also serve (imported!) kangaroo, so I think the traditional dishes really are fish and farm animals.

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