Málaga, bike tour

ongoing account of May trip to Spain

On the second day I decided to go on a bike tour, which was led by a native English speaker who moved to Málaga a few years back, and I was joined by a young couple from Poland who now live in Glasgow (plus the husband is half Algerian, I think, and his English had a lot of Scottish brogue to it!). We saw several of the same places I had toured the previous day, but this time I got a lot of back story and also found new sights to explore.

1. Calle Larios, where my hostel was located
2. statue near the hostel
3. on the bikes
4. The Alcazaba from the top of the building across the street
5. The Roman theater from across the street. It was only rediscovered in the 1950s
6-7. Holy Week (Semana Santa) celebrations in many cities in Andalusia (and other Hispanic-influenced parts of the world) are elaborate. The description of the marching people carrying these massive thrones down the streets made me want to visit during the religious holidays someday. I had seen huge doors the previous day, which turned out to house a couple thrones decorated with gold, silver, lace, and elaborate embroidered fabrics. The party we saw the night before was a fundraiser for these huge floats which are stored all around the city by the various groups who have cared for them for centuries (plus they are too big to keep in the churches). The woman who ran the bike tour knew the people who managed this building and they let us in to see the thrones up close.

An idea of the street processions:

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