Málaga, Mijas

ongoing account of May trip to Spain

I felt I’d seen most of the sights in Málaga after two days, so I took the commuter train to Fuengirola and then picked up a bus to Mijas, a “white village” up the mountain overlooking the sea. What I noticed most about it besides all the white buildings was that it was full of Brits who have holiday homes there.

1. Some of the weirdest figures/statues can be found in this junk shop in Fuengirola. I also saw a Dunne’s, which is an Irish department and grocery store… not sure why it’s in southern Spain too.
2-3. The town of Mijas on the slopes
4-6. A grotto cut into the rock, with more elaborate clothing and ceremonial accessories stored for the Virgin. Note the folded paper prayers stuck in the gaps in the stones.
7. The burro taxis were not operating by the time I arrived, which is just as well since I’m sure I would have been sad for the burros.

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