Málaga, gatherings

While wandering through the city I ran across a labor march:

I found my hostel, where I’d booked a room to myself with a bathroom, but it was a pretty sparse place. My Spanish was just good enough to communicate with the owner and I dumped my bag. Then, off to explore along the main road near the sea, where I found an international festival with lots of items for sale (ranging from knits and linen clothing from South American countries to furry hats and gas masks from Russia!) and several food booths. I found something vegetarian, a Peruvian food I’ve eaten in Indy several times. This time, however, it was served cold! Just as well, since it was a warm, sunny day. I think I had to buy shorts right before I left because I didn’t pack any when I moved to Ireland. (And I only wore the shorts once in Ireland this summer!)

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