Granada: Albaicín

As long as I’m looking for stuff to write about in November, let’s look back to last November during the same project when I finished all but one post about my trip to Spain that May! November is always a good time to think of sunnier places.

The last post from that trip is from the Albaicín area of Granada, which is a very old Moorish part of town that is also a little sketchy. One of my companions was searching for an experience with the gypsies or something so we walked a lot without a firm destination. On the way up the narrow hilly streets past the hookah bars we (we being the Glaswegian couple who were actually from Poland and Algeria who I met during the bike trip in Málaga) could see the Alhambra from earlier in the day. We wandered forever and began to argue about finding our way back to the car since we still had a long drive back to Málaga, but one member of our party was insistent on continuing to search. So we got lost in the maze of cobbled streets, and then found ourselves at a mirador (viewpoint) along with a lot of teenagers drinking interesting things from two liter bottles.

We walked some more and were really unsure of where we were, when suddenly we stumbled into a big party in a square with lots of music and singing and dancing, apparently part of the May Crosses celebration. I guess it was worth being tired and lost after all…

After enough dancing we somehow found our way back to the car and I helped the driver stay awake for a late trip back to Málaga, only for me to discover (after a good night of sleep in a better hotel than the first couple of nights) the volcanic ash cloud came back and my flight the next day was canceled. I almost had time for a bonus trip to Gibraltar, but was able to reschedule my flight through a different country and got home late instead.

That last picture is from the airport, displaying the grotesque local pig-leg delicacy.

I miss being able to take a long weekend in Spain or anywhere else exciting within a three hour plane ride!

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