On my mind

A lot… but a lot can’t be said here.

I’m in South Bend for my great uncle’s funeral. It’s sad of course, but also nice to be with family. I am glad my family is close and I hope my great aunt feels the love of family during this time. My brother and I have nice memories of staying with them when we were kids. He claims Uncle Firm rescued him from being stuck between the wall and the bed when he fell out one night. We remember going to the pool and their dog and eating a lot of ice cream with them!

I am supposed to close on a house tomorrow in Indy. It’s in a really cool neighborhood and I’m partly excited about it… it needs work and there are other considerations about the future use/habitation of this property, but overall I know it’s a good deal and I’ve always wanted to have a home in a place like this. I hope the surrounding crime-y neighborhood doesn’t infiltrate! Watch this space for my exasperated experiences in remodeling a century old home.

Work is kicking my rear and has been for quite some time. I was able to offload some routine work to be able to work on a project that is due around my birthday. I will need many stiff drinks to celebrate when it is done. So far we are moving along and I’m trying to balance the need for management feedback on the work in progress with the need not to waste their time or slam their calendars if I don’t have everything done that I need to get done.

That’s all I can say for now about the compartmentalizing of my thoughts and energy these days. I must get back to editing some slides! I love data but I’m not as big a fan of trending it some nights.

3 thoughts on “On my mind

  1. Hey! Old Chemists don’t die they just fail to react. Sorry about yr uncle. A blast from the past…Hang in there!

  2. No way, Joe! Was just thinking about you the other day when I ran into Dale at work. I hope all is great with you. Look me up on Facebook if you have emerged from the shadows in the last 12 or so years 🙂

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