Casper chronic renal failure

Casper was diagnosed with chronic renal failure in December 2009 and went to the rainbow bridge in July 2010, a week after her tenth birthday. We miss her VERY much. :'(



A spot to keep lab values and treatments, which I’m sharing/learning with some online support groups.

IVEC: emergency clinic, Indianapolis
BRAH: regular vet clinic, Indianapolis
GVH: regular/emerg. vet clinic, Cork city, Ireland

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July 1 2010 Morning of Wed 30 June, Casper paused while eating breakfast, but finished. Then was eating grass and puked up breakfast later in the house. Ate ok later in the day but very tired. Morning of 1 July, ate a couple bites of breakfast and stopped. Did not vomit but could tell she wasn’t feeling well. VERY tired. Did not offer more food, took to vet after work. GVH:

01 July In-house bloodwork has worse creatinine, worse BUN, and now phosphorus high for the first time. In-house UA did not show infection. Kept overnight (and for next several days) on IV fluids. Repeat bloodwork slightly worse on 02 July but she ate ok w/renal food. Not wanting to eat 03 July unless it’s really good (chicken breast, non-renal dog food). Acting brighter as of Sat but little appetite (interest in food but doesn’t want to eat). In e-collar when I came to visit Sat because she messed w/fluid line overnight. Drinking a lot of water. Pee/poop outside looks normal. Keeping over the weekend.

June 3 2010 Overnight, Casper is panting, pacing, trying to vomit (been too long since ate to produce anything), and asking to go out repeatedly. Lots of squatting in the yard. Suspect UTI or kidney infection. To vet in a.m. GVH:
Kept in clinic ~31 hours on IV fluids, antibiotics, ran full bloodwork and in-house urinalysis. Treated for UTI w/Synulox. Came back after a few days and infection indication gone from in-house urinalysis, but kept on Synulox for a couple more weeks. Casper is acting fine again after being on IV/abx at vet. Creatinine was actually down a bit since 15 May. Note amylase very high so brought back for PLI test, which came back still with high amylase but did not indicate pancreatitis (I do not have a copy of this)

May 15 2010 GVH: Take dogs in to establish with new practice in Ireland. Both are having loose stools. Given xxxx, but only gave a couple minor doses to Casper so as not to compromise kidneys further. Loose stool resolved after ~two weeks. Ran short bloodwork to see how she’s doing: creatinine up. Plan to come back in a month or so for a good baseline.

May 10-11 2010 Dogs arrive home (Kinsale) ~0100

May 2010 arrive Ireland but stuck at Lissenhall (Dublin quarantine vet) for four days due to lost airline paperwork. Vet reports Casper is stressed and drinking more than normal.

May 2010 BRAH: pre flight work (worming etc); fly to Ireland. David gave fluids at home before she left.

Jan 21 2010 BRAH: dental cleaning, small cyst removal above right eye. Vet used a gas procedure to limit impact of anesthesia to kidneys. Fluids given at home for two nights before procedure.

Jan 7 2010 BRAH Dr. Crowe: urine culture (3-5 days after ending Zeniquin), bloodwork

Jan 2 2010 Last dose of Zeniquin. Seems to have gained a couple pounds so now feeding 1.5-1.75 cans of the Renal LP daily (instead of prescribed 2 cans/day)

Dec 18 2009 IVEC: pick up more Zeniquin, Renal LP food. Consulted with vet on shift: definitely this is serious, fluids can only help, verified 1.5 abx pills per day (high end of dose range while one pill is low end for her size), believes the LP (not MP) food is better.

Dec 14 2009 Checkup with Dr. Crowe at BRAH
Blood values are stable. No use for UA right now. Do another culture after four weeks on Zeniquin; I need to order more (not available at her office). Off Proin for now. They ordered two cases of Renal MP for me. Can keep going on fluids, but Dr. Crowe does not see Casper’s current status as ‘failure’ as much as the emergency clinic did. Lump above eyebrow is cyst, can remove next time she’s out; wait on dental until after this episode blows over. Dry nose: warm wet compress and then rub in Vaseline or similar. Small amounts of treats are ok at this point, suggested Pupcorn. Note: I stopped giving fluids within a couple days of this visit.

Dec 13 2009 IVEC called with urine culture results: only E. coli, stop using Clavamox because resistant, increase Zeniquin to 1.5 tabs daily (was at 1/day)

Blog post about emergency vet/diagnosis

Dec 6-7 2009 IVEC results
Discharged on Cerenia, Famotidine, Clavamox, Zeniquin; 1.5 cans Royal Canin Intestinal HE : 1 can Renal LP Modified daily (3-4 feedings). After one week, reducing HE until just on 2 cans Renal LP daily. 275 mL sub-q fluids every other day.

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