what happens when you Google “shitty mood”

I am in a mood for which I don’t really have a good source. Probably just working too much and dealing with too many @ssholes. (Note my mood is cranky enough that I tolerate incomplete sentences.) Anyway, this picture is the truth and I’m glad it came up in my search. I haven’t seen it in awhile. Isn’t today supposed to be lucky or something? Should I buy 11 lottery tickets? I’m more likely to clean 11 litterboxes.

From NatalieDee.com.

Also: Emmy is still wearing her voting sticker from Tuesday.

The offensive mouse

I wanted a mouse to take to meetings at work, but I didn’t want a black one that could be confused with everyone else’s mouse. So I bought a pink one.
Not long after I started using this mouse I looked closely at the design. It looks like a pole dancer! It’s definitely some dancing woman with quite the body and long designer arms that remind me of Barrel of Monkeys monkey arms. Soon other people came to know my mouse as the Naked Lady Mouse.

It was obscure enought that I continued to use it, but I just didn’t understand the design the manufacturer chose. Then last week I rode my bike to work and when I arrived, the Naked Lady Mouse didn’t work. The little receiver had cracked during my travels. Fortunately my laptop always does well on this trip! I put it in a foam sleeve but I guess that wasn’t enough for the mouse receiver.

To round out the story, when I came out to my bike that afternoon, I found a friend had decorated it with a joke magnet that had previously gone undetected on her car for weeks. But everyone at work saw it on my bike right when they went in the door!


I bought a new mouse. It’s the same model, but it’s BLUE. No design.

The first one’s my favorite

Phoning it in tonight… tired from work and visitors. Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow in the States! David’s mom is here and is cooking a dead bird. I made a pumpkin pie and Emmy the dog stole a loaf of bread from the counter, bread crumbs from the trash, and pearl barley and rice noodles from the pantry. Everyone plays a part… kind of glad I’m escaping at work most of the day.

Enjoy these cards from someecards.com and don’t eat too much mash (that’d be mashed potatoes)